Tuesday, June 02, 2020
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Zim Women Being Paid For Nude Pics

A new trend has emerged online and on social media whereby Zimbabwean women and girls are paid for their n_ude images, 3MOB has reported.

Women with social media profiles are accepting payment for nu_des.

According to the online publisher, a person named Tindo in a WhatsApp group confirmed it is real.

“Unlike Googling for po_rn this person is real and it makes it more fun waiziya. And he says he is not the only one looking for po_rnographic content via social media, WhatsApp to be specific.

Adds Tindo, “ It is harder to get a nu_de from a regular girl now. Because they are scared of them leaking. The price range varies from 3 to 5 for 10-20 nu_de pics and about 5-10 dollars for 10-20 videos of [the other name for a cat] says one ads. The ads are public and available on social media and on some WhatsApp statuses. – 3-MOB


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