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The impact of Covid-19 on the girl child

By Susan Tembo

For centuries and decades, numerous diseases have been noted in Zimbabwe and the world at large. Such outbreaks as cholera and Ebola, among others, were realised.

These affected some parts of the world. However, Covid-19 has opened a new chapter altogether, during this era. It has affected the world at once and has left even the world giants without a say.

Considering this, the girl child has not been spared out in as far as the effects of Covid-19 were felt.                 

Covid-19 has led to introduction of lockdowns by various governments as a measure to guard against it’s spread. This lockdown has affected the girl child on a higher note.

To commence, most of those sent to quarantine centres, have suffered the severe effects of it. It has not been an easy task for them to get enough sanitary. Also, they have been faced with hunger in the centres.

The girl child has also been relying on vending as a form of livelihood,and the era has shuttered this.

Thus, keeping body and soul together, has become a tough nut to the girl child out there. Evenso, purchasing musk’s has been of expense to them. Failure to acquire it would attract their arrest by the police for failure to comply.

All these, has made it clear that, Covid-19 era  to some extent has been a bitter pill to swallow for the girl child. Even so, some died in the era.

However, spilling some ink, it’s blessings should not be overlooked. Some ladies have find jobs to work with the quarantine centres, to campaign for a Covid-19 free generation. Some have even got to higher heights as their businesses flourished during the era.

The girl child has been able to experience her parents love during the lockdown unlike in normal times when they could spend most times at work.           

Over and above all, it is worth printing that, Covid-19 era has been a blessing-cum-curse to the girl child.


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