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born free

We Are All Born Free

On arriving at the airport in Botswana, I was greeted with a billboard advertising Woolworths. The billboard had a caption,  “Everybody is born free.” The statement is open to various interpretations and I am sure that Woolworths had a particular slant that they wanted their target audience to lean towards. My

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5 Business Tips From 5 Business Owners

DON’T WORRY ABOUT AESTHETICS IN THE BEGINNING When starting out don’t worry about looking like an established company. Don’t waste your money on renting upmarket offices, hiring staff, branding cars or any of the “superficial” items that come with having a business. All those things will come in time. Your main

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Legitimate Online Betting Places

Another week, another chance for us to meet and discuss ways in which to make that green. For the week we will be dwelling on the legitimate online betting platforms open to the punters here in Zimbabwe. I will be looking at those betting sites where the ordinary Zimbabwean without a

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Moroni, The Comoros

10 Travel Things About The Comoros

According to pre-Islamic legend, the Comoros archipelago was formed when a Genie dropped a jewel in the ocean, which became the Karthala volcano that in turn formed the islands of the Comoros. Getting There Prince Said Ibrahim International Airport and yachts can be chartered from various points on mainland Africa. Be aware

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Soccer tips

This Weekend’s Betting Tips

Aweh punters. So last week we had a winning ticket, congratulations to all those who played and got paid. I have been in the lab all day making sure we continue our winning streak. Here are my  picks for this weekend: Basel +D (Switzerland) Elgin City w (Scotland) Es Setif +D (Algeria) Blackburn w

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