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Social Media Gender Based Violence

HURT, ABUSED, VIOLATED, REDUCED!   My heartbeat skipped, missing a rhythm. I couldn’t take it anymore. Bound by love, ordered by failure and designed by hurt. Tell me something new, unique, a story I’ve never heard before and I will be damned. I ignored the signs but it all began on my wall,

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Dons and Divas

Dons And Divas Event Comes To Zimbabwe

Dons and Divas, the lifestyle event event from g.a.f.i.a., is coming to Zimbabwe for the very first time. Launched in South Africa in 2016, Dons and Divas is more than a party, it's a fashion statement and lifestyle. g.a.f.i.a is a clothing brand conceptualised by renowned SA-based entreepreneur, DJ HunTR, and

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5 Business Tips From 5 Business Owners

DON’T WORRY ABOUT AESTHETICS IN THE BEGINNING When starting out don’t worry about looking like an established company. Don’t waste your money on renting upmarket offices, hiring staff, branding cars or any of the “superficial” items that come with having a business. All those things will come in time. Your main

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Destitute person

Ghetto Pages – But I Try So Hard

I tried It’s like I’m taking five steps forward And ten backwards Everywhere I go trouble follows me Victory found a way out of my life I smell the early sun with others and have sleepless Painstaking nights just like all and sundry My imagination is big but my hand can’t reach success Step by step I go

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Woman texting

Dear Social Media

I have a vision. A vision to reach the world in one place. To bring my ideas to light, to fasten my seat belt and take the fast lane. I am an entity of the world’s greatest creation. I AM HUMAN. The only species capable of changing the course of life by pressing

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Social media

Social Media Mania! “A Picture Perfect Life”

“I am pain-stricken to say, that today’s so-called modern humans are all like the dogs in Pavlov’s experiment. Pavlov used a bell to manipulate the mind of his dogs, and today, social media platforms are using people’s own beloved smartphones to manipulate them.” ― Abhijit Naskar We often fall into this deep

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Man and Woman

Who Is More Emotional, Men or Women?

One famous writer wrote, “I have an idea that the phrase “weaker sex” was coined by some clever woman to disarm the man she was preparing to control.” Now that’s something to think about. Who would actually think that women could have such levels of manipulative prowess and wittingly outclass men.

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