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5 Ways To Get The Best of WhatsApp Groups For Your Business

A lot of posts have been written before about social media for your business and mostly were on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, but very few on WhatsApp. I greatly believe this is a big marketing medium but it is often abused. To be honest with you, the whole WhatsApp for

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Local NGO Seeking Donations Of Stationery For Underprivileged

Deborah’s Heart Foundation (DHF) has launched an educational support donation programme to assist underprivileged school children across Zimbabwe with much needed educational resources. The organization aims to raise ten thousand exercise books, pens, pencils and rulers for the disadvantaged youths, with Mufakose and Epworth being the first implementation areas. A target

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Néné Keita

This Is Africa – Néné Keita (France/Mali)

Tell us about yourself and your history to date. I am Néné, 27 years old, born in Mali but raised and educated in France. I’ve always been passionate about civic engagement and inter-cultural relations. I am the head of DiaspoHub since 2017 and relocated to Mali the same year. Tell us about

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born free

We Are All Born Free

On arriving at the airport in Botswana, I was greeted with a billboard advertising Woolworths. The billboard had a caption,  “Everybody is born free.” The statement is open to various interpretations and I am sure that Woolworths had a particular slant that they wanted their target audience to lean towards. My

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Social Media Gender Based Violence

HURT, ABUSED, VIOLATED, REDUCED!   My heartbeat skipped, missing a rhythm. I couldn’t take it anymore. Bound by love, ordered by failure and designed by hurt. Tell me something new, unique, a story I’ve never heard before and I will be damned. I ignored the signs but it all began on my wall,

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5 Business Tips From 5 Business Owners

DON’T WORRY ABOUT AESTHETICS IN THE BEGINNING When starting out don’t worry about looking like an established company. Don’t waste your money on renting upmarket offices, hiring staff, branding cars or any of the “superficial” items that come with having a business. All those things will come in time. Your main

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Believe in yourself

Change Your Limiting Beliefs

Many years ago, I worked for a Building Society that offered home loans to individuals and organizations. The Building Society realised that the majority of the mortgage loans it approved were to organizations, high net-worth individuals and the middle class. Those in the low income brackets were excluded from accessing loans. What

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Literature Festival Harare

LitFest Harare Full Programme

LitFest Harare, the annual international literature festival, begins today with the opening night at the Theatre in the Park in Harare Gardens. The official opening is open to the public and will feature performances from Zimbabwe Theatre Academy and JESA band. LitFest Harare is in its fifth edition and this year, the

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girl with afro

Know Yourself

“Knowing others is intelligence, knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true power.” I have been reflecting on this quote ever since I came across it. It has set me thinking. Many times we are exalted to know our friends, our peers, our workmates, our subordinates

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Destitute person

Ghetto Pages – But I Try So Hard

I tried It’s like I’m taking five steps forward And ten backwards Everywhere I go trouble follows me Victory found a way out of my life I smell the early sun with others and have sleepless Painstaking nights just like all and sundry My imagination is big but my hand can’t reach success Step by step I go

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