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prisoner of desire

The Swish Says Column: W-A-N-T

Something wise I heard, went a little like this: Think About It… It’s never enough. “Come to me to the most populated prison in the world.”   The facility has more inmates than bunks. More prisoners than plates. More residents than resources. Come to me to the world’s most oppressive prison.   Just ask the inmates; they will tell you. They

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Social Media Gender Based Violence

HURT, ABUSED, VIOLATED, REDUCED!   My heartbeat skipped, missing a rhythm. I couldn’t take it anymore. Bound by love, ordered by failure and designed by hurt. Tell me something new, unique, a story I’ve never heard before and I will be damned. I ignored the signs but it all began on my wall,

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Relationship seminar

Harare Relationship Seminar

In one of his videos, Strive Masiyiwa talked about getting a life. We have been reflecting on this statement for a while and we thought, he has definitely been talking about some of us. I think we all know these guys; who are successful, respected, rich, honoured and whom we all

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Female Visual Digital Network

FVDN – In Search Of The African Female Storyteller

My fascination with the written language and storytellers began at an early age. My mother who is an avid reader herself (I got it from my mama)  would leave books strewn around the house. Unable to read at the time, I would pick them up and try to make sense

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Beautiful Girl

Why Did She Stay?

(These are based on true stories and all names have been changed for the privacy of the victims.) The victim of one of the worst cases of domestic violence recorded, shared her story. A period of torture lasting 2 years. Beaten with hammers, made to sleep naked standing up and being

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Slut shaming

Are They The Problem Or Is It Your Mindset?

I saw this hilarious meme the other day and it said, “Shout-out to everyone who’s had PREMARITAL SEX but can’t eat PORK because it’s a sin.” Where does this hypocrisy come from lol? How can anyone then judge? Is there a better sin? Today I want to talk about one of societies

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Man and Woman

Who Is More Emotional, Men or Women?

One famous writer wrote, “I have an idea that the phrase “weaker sex” was coined by some clever woman to disarm the man she was preparing to control.” Now that’s something to think about. Who would actually think that women could have such levels of manipulative prowess and wittingly outclass men.

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