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Literature Festival Harare

LitFest To Celebrate Black History Month

Press Release: LitFest Harare will run a literary event on Wednesday 27 February to celebrate the Black History month.  The event will take place at The Nexus at B2C, in Batanai Gardens, Harare. The programme will feature readings, performances and discussions by seasoned and upcoming writers, poets and critics. The LitFest event

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LitFest Harare Outreach Uplifting Young Artists

LitFest Harare, the International Literature Festival, continued its outreach programmes last week with trips to Masvingo and Bulawayo. This followed the launch of the outreach programmes when Litfest held workshops and poetry slams in the two cities in December. The activities are part of the outreach initiatives in partnership with the

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5 Ways To Get The Best of WhatsApp Groups For Your Business

A lot of posts have been written before about social media for your business and mostly were on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, but very few on WhatsApp. I greatly believe this is a big marketing medium but it is often abused. To be honest with you, the whole WhatsApp for

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Poetritis Nirvana

Poetritis Nirvana – She Bites

Nyanduri Lala 🇿🇼 : With hair that defies gravity;it's a sure sign she's fremd The fire in her eyes and sass that oozes from her lips Will leave one infuriated;infatuated and breathless Don't make light of her;she's not harmless,she bites! Valentine Makoni 🇿🇼 Humility isn't her strongest suit She wears arrogance with pride Quiet acquiescence isnt her style Open fangs, steely

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born free

We Are All Born Free

On arriving at the airport in Botswana, I was greeted with a billboard advertising Woolworths. The billboard had a caption,  “Everybody is born free.” The statement is open to various interpretations and I am sure that Woolworths had a particular slant that they wanted their target audience to lean towards. My

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Social Media Gender Based Violence

HURT, ABUSED, VIOLATED, REDUCED!   My heartbeat skipped, missing a rhythm. I couldn’t take it anymore. Bound by love, ordered by failure and designed by hurt. Tell me something new, unique, a story I’ve never heard before and I will be damned. I ignored the signs but it all began on my wall,

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Dons and Divas

Dons And Divas Event Comes To Zimbabwe

Dons and Divas, the lifestyle event event from g.a.f.i.a., is coming to Zimbabwe for the very first time. Launched in South Africa in 2016, Dons and Divas is more than a party, it's a fashion statement and lifestyle. g.a.f.i.a is a clothing brand conceptualised by renowned SA-based entreepreneur, DJ HunTR, and

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5 Business Tips From 5 Business Owners

DON’T WORRY ABOUT AESTHETICS IN THE BEGINNING When starting out don’t worry about looking like an established company. Don’t waste your money on renting upmarket offices, hiring staff, branding cars or any of the “superficial” items that come with having a business. All those things will come in time. Your main

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LitFest Harare in Masvingo

LitFest In Masvingo – Pictures

Litfest Harare, the international literature festival, began its outreach programme with a show in Masvingo at Charles Austin Theatre last night. The line up boasted Alison Phipps and Tawona Sithole from Scotland, Numero Unoma from Nigeria, alongside locals Chirikure Chirikure, Morset Billie, Shoes Lambada and Zaza Muchemwa. Here is the Masvingo event

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LitFest Harare 2018 Review

LitFest Harare 2018 was an experience. Authors, academics, poets, thespians, musicians and intellectuals came together to discuss, dialogue and deliberate around various issues under the theme, Vision Foretold. The international flair was in strong evidence with participants from Scotland, Ireland, South Africa, Uganda, Nigeria and Zimbabwe. As the festival takes the show

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