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Prof Moyo reveals Zanu PF’s election rigging tricks

Barnabas Thondhlana
Exiled Zanu PF strategist Prof Jonathan Moyo has revealed the rigging mechanisms allegedly underway to ensure a runaway victory for President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his military backers.
Writing on micro-blogging site Twitter, Prof Moyo said opposition parties should not worry about media reforms going into the watershed elections set for mid this year.
“Opposition parties don’t need media reforms, (as) WhatsApp is more than enough in Zimbabwe,” Prof Moyo said.
“No sane person believes the Herald or ZBC in this day and age.”

He however said opposition needed to focus on three major areas.

“Publicizing the suppliers of BVR servers is one,” he said.
On this, he said serial number and data cloning was in progress right now.
The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission is reluctant to reveal information on its servers, arguing this is a security issue.
“Secondly, (who are the) ballot paper printers, (as there will) pre-election tempered paper for selected provinces.”
WhatsApp was recently awash with information on how tempered paper will be used in the voting process. Reports said the paper and pens to be used would automatically alter one’s electoral choice for the benefit of the incumbent.
Zec has also been reluctant to reveal who the printers of the ballot papers will be, again citing security concerns.
“Thirdly, army operations on the eve of elections, (with) army disguised as ZEC officials, drivers or Police who will be involved in distributing ballot papers,” he said.
“Rigged papers to be fused with genuine papers in rural and peri-urban constituencies. Process to start on storage at ZEC the night before elections.”

Prof Moyo urged opposition parties to deploy more election agents in areas with suspicious high voter registration and in rural areas.
“They need to engage US and EU on intelligence support otherwise they will not manage to unearth the rigging plot alone,” he said.


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