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Poetritis Nirvana Season 13: Woman

Poetritis Nirvana

Session title: WOMAN
Hosted by Annie Mpinganzima

He traced the line the sweat made down from her brow to her breast
He marveled at her physique swelled and full,panting but poised in all her glory.
When her time came again her mouth opened and she belted out the song of piteous pain,etched eternally into the walls of that small room
I did not pity her, only marvel at the gift she is about to gain
What a momentus effort it is to give what only a woman can.
In just a moment in time, the tribe welcomes a life she created with her man.


In a world of people that staff her with expectations
She has no space left to fill up her womanhood
Between falling in love with a princess
Embracing breasts that bow to age
Parading in her stretchmarks and letting her hair fly
Her soul starved,she glows healthily and cries quietly
She is a woman.



Throw me into a pool full of women.
In the deep end,I need to swim out of these thighs and swerve out of these clits.
I reach the surface , float on these breasts.
I catch a breath as the wave of these kisses slap on my chest.
I’m soaked by dreadlocks ,weaves and braids.
I’m gonna spurt out the make up and let the female break out of my ribs.

-St Valz


No crown of thorns, but we are queens
Pain must come for joy to allow us motherhood
We are more than the nurses or the servants of men
Placed to be partners, not just wives
We are lovers from the bossom, stealing hearts and creating smiles
Some say we are equal, I say Never, we endure labor and maketh man.

-Mrs B


Poetritis Nirvana
Cast from previous seasons of Poetritis Nirvana

The birth of man was her
Beauty like the goddess of the four elements
The perfect being the sold man
The one who controls the world
Sweet Honey taste with bosom mercy
The alpha queen
The world is female



I am her marginalised
restricted by boundaries of shoulds and dos a burden i’ve had to bear from birth.
I am her with anger so sweet you could almost taste it , bitterness as flawless as a waterfall.
I am a landmark they stand in awe at my sight for i spit venom with every word i utter .
I am she unappreciated my silence speaks and my bloodshot eyes testify .
I am she unappreciated marked by scars once was,yet still i rise .
I am a woman .



She carries the world on her back
Spending her all to make sure I see the road
She sacrifices dreams and her ambitions
Out of affection and sincere love
The epitome of love, fountain of infinite care
They call her a woman, I call her mom



Woman! The one who goes to war just to protect and preserve.
Her heart so big enough it has many chambers spewing with life.
The one who can scream sharp daggers of pain, yet she stands tall.
A twinge of pain might pummel her heart temporarily but it will never bring her down.
Woman! A tower of strength to the fallen, just one touch from her resurrects the hopelessness.

-Chantel Chonky

© Poetritis Nirvana


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