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Number of confirmed positive Coronavirus (Covid-19) cases in Zimbabwe increases

As of Monday, the Ministry of Health confirmed that Zimbabwe had recorded a total of 8 cases of people who tested positive for Coronavirus.

The latest patient is a contact of patient 3 who tested positive after traveling to Dubai.

Read the statement below:

Ministry or Health and Child Care CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) UPDATE: 30 MARCH 2020

The Ministry would like to report that today, the National Microbiology Reference Laboratory tested 47 samples.

One of these, a contact of the third case, tested positive for COVID-19.

The Ministry would like to advise nation that the three cases reported by Mashonaland Fast province are cases which had already been reported as Harare cases, as they had been managed at Wilkins Hospital, Harare.

Zimbabwe has 8 confirmed cases, including one death.

The first case is a male in Victoria Falls who had travelled from the United Kingdom

The second was a male from Harare who travelled from the USA. Unfortunately he succumbed to Covid-19.

The third is a male from Ruwa who travelled from Dubai.

The fourth is a female from Harare who traveled from the USA.

The fifth case is a male from Harare who is a contact of case 2

Cases, 6,7 and 8 are all contacts of case number 3 and they’re all from Ruwa

Yesterday marked the beginning of the 21-day total lockdown period.

The Ministry continues to be on HIGH alert to the COVID-19 pandemic and would like to remind everyone to practice good personal hygiene;

Wash hands with soap and water frequently or use of on alcohol.based hand-rub,

• Cover your nose and mouth with tissue paper or flexed elbow when coughing

• Avoid close contact with people who are sick, coughing or sneezing.

• Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.


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