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New Year, Good Things – Simply Vera


I’m sitting in my bed, toes freezing, wondering if winter is going to get any colder than this.

I guess given that this is my first article I should politely introduce myself. My name is Vera, slave name Maria Kudakwashe Chisvo. I am a funky jazz musician and the founder of The Incubator ZW. I have been wracking my brain on what to talk about, I mean what do people want to read about that will keep them coming for more?

I considered all the obvious topics; politics (we all know why that’s a terrible idea), boys (yawn!), love (meh), food, religion… The list is basically endless but I decided to share my life journey last year. I had a few interesting experiences that might warrant a good section on a platform like this.


Last year I decided to live by the abused mantra, ‘new year, new things’. I broke up with my longtime boyfriend, got a new job and made new friends.

I was focused, I was determined.

I set goals to gain weight but exercise so the weight goes to all the right places. I wanted to get my license (yes, I was old and had no license), I wanted to buy a car, I was ready to go the whole nine yards.

The year started with so much energy, I told myself I would make more music, stay single so I could find myself (how many times have we told ourselves that), and I really wanted to travel more, alone, just go out in the wild like a true hippy.

Three months into 2018, things were going brilliantly… Until my friend, who I had no idea had liked me, asked me out on a date, not just a hang out date but a real DATE!!

I dressed up as best as I could and we went to watch a movie (which he was late for) and we shared a box of popcorn (which he complained about it being ‘so expensive’). We watched a movie where I felt he laughed way too loud, like an attempt to convince himself he was having a fabulous time.

I was reminded of my high school leavers’ dance where my date had fish in his pocket because he was so hungry and didn’t want to leave the fish his mom was cooking behind. Not only was I completely and utterly shook by this behavior, I was taken aback when he offered me this pocket fish.

My mind started to wonder; how do I find these supposed eligible bachelors? Do I have a habit of attracting pocket diners and obnoxious laughers or is this the energy I put out into the universe? The minute I got home, I wrote a list of attributes that I wanted in my future boyfriend. I decided to be as specific as I could.

I strongly believe in telling the universe and God what you want and believing that you will get it. I mean, how many times do we say we want something but never specify the attributes then complain when we get the bare minimum of what we asked for?

We pray religiously asking for something but when we get it we feel short changed. It’s like asking for a phone in a shop and they give you a landline instead of an IPhone X. Sometimes we need to be detailed about what we want in life and not vague or half-hearted.  Otherwise we get obnoxious, fish in the pocket dates instead of knights in shining armor.

Talk soon.




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