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‘My sister’s husband wanted to sleep with me’

Dear Aunty Lisa

I am writing this letter with tears in my eyes. Just the thought of my current situation makes me sad all over again. I am 25 years old currently pursuing a bachelors of science degree at a prominent university. A lot of persons don’t know of or don’t understand the struggles of a poor university student just trying to get out of the generational curse of poverty.

I work very hard between jobs, doing hair, nails, selling jewellery, etc, just to be able to finance myself through school. I wasn’t born as fortunate as many, but I determined that I need to be different. Having 13 siblings with a high incidence of teenage pregnancy, I managed to rise above the odds.

My family is very poor and I recognised that from a tender age. My mom was unable to care for me as a young girl, so she sent me to live with one of my siblings. As a child, I remember thinking that this was going to be an awesome experience and I was very excited. Being a good mother, my mom made this decision because she thought I would be given a better life, but it turned out to be a bitter life experience.

As I grew older, my sister’s husband developed a liking for me that was distasteful. He made countless sexual advances to me over the years and there was no one I could have said it to. I was faced with the decision of going back home into poverty or to be quiet. A few years passed and I could not handle the living situations anymore, I just had to leave. So I left without anyone noticing I was gone.

Holding on by a thread

I decided to take a risk, a risk that I never regret. Though it has been many years, I still can’t find the strength within me to say it to my mother. I have all this pain, hate, disappointment and anger locked up inside of me for many years, and it has affected me psycologically. But in spite of all that I have been through, I have managed thus far. It’s my final year of university and I am just holding on by a thread.

My mom always says, “It’s when you’re almost at the end when all hell breaks lose.” This year has been a real tough one for me. I have a nine-to-five that assists with my boarding expenses, but it is not an easy task to manage a job and be enrolled at university.

In spite me being in a difficult financial situation, I still give back as much as I can. I try my very best to volunteer at children’s homes and give back to these children because, like me, they are broken and need love and support. Thank you for your time.



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