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Ministry of Finance Supports Climate Action Programmes

By Tendai Guvamombe

Darwendale: The Ministry of Finance and Economic Development has promised to support Climate Action programmes in a bid to address the effects of Cyclone Idai and the drought spell that have persisted over the recent years.

This was revealed last week during a Climate Finance Conference held at ZIPAM in Darwendale organized by Climate Change Department in partnership with UNDP.  

The Conference marked the first high level engagement between Climate Change Department and the Public Finance amid the country is expected to launch its Nationally Determined Contribution(NDC) in the aftermath of UN Secretary-General Summit.

Speaking in a presentation Deputy Director in the Ministry of Finance, Jorum Pfunye said the government has already put in place policies aimed at addressing climate change effects such as Cyclone Idai and drought spell in the country, a predicament which affected agricultural yields in the country.

“On the current National Budget the government is trying by all means to support calls for Climate Action including gender main streaming, as indicated by the national budget supplementary.”

“The country is facing climate change effects which includes dry lands which affects crop yields on our agriculture, degradation, reduction in livestock production but the government have policies which will help Climate Change Management in the county to enhance the National Adaptation capacity in scaling up mitigation actions and to facilitate domestication of Climate related global polices to ensure compliance to global mechanism.”

Issues brought to the conference tables revealed that for Zimbabwe to achieve its low emissions target through mitigation actions there is need of collective resource support in various sources of finance the likes of Green Finance, Climate Funds, etc.

Sidsel Koordt Vognsel, the UNDP Environment, Climate Change and Energy Program Analyst reiterated on the assistance the country is getting from United Nations Development Programme and Federation of Russia.

“The support towards implementing Zimbabwe’s Nationally Determined Contributions(NDCs) is a project that is done between UNDP and the Government of Zimbabwe and the the support from the Federation of Russia, the focus of the project is help Zimbabwe to implement its climate ambitions this goes back interms of mitigation and also supporting the resilience of the country interms of monitoring on whats happening.

Zimbabwe is part of the 100 countries worldwide currently receiving support from UNDP to implement low emissions targets un line with the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

“Finance is key interms of ensuring the resilience of the country and also interms of ensuring reduction of emissions. UNDP Globally is also part of the initiative to support  at least 100 countries in the world to accelerate and increase the ambitions on climate action.”

In an interview with Dingane Sithole a Climate Change Consultant said the involvement of the Ministry of Finance is a stepping stone for Zimbabwe to implement its Nationally Determined Contributions.
“As we move towards the implemention of our NDCs, it is also good to have wide sectoral input and today having Finance Ministry speaks a lot in terms of  issues revolving around climate funding sources the likes of Climate Funding and Green finance in ensuring climate resilience.”
Lawrence Mashungu, a Climate Change Expert in the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Water and Climate Change, said as the nation moves towards implementation of its NDC thier department is committed to engage all sectors into climate action focus as this will help Zimbabwe achieved emissions reduction.

“As we move towards  implementation of our NDC we are now on course to engage various sectors both public and private to come on board so that they appreciate and give hand in thier line of work in Climate Mitigation actions.”
“Today’s engagement with Ministry of Finance is key in addressing issues of Climate Change because it is expected to become a major participant in issues of Climate funding and this is one critical area that is key for Zimbabwe’s low emissions target.”

Meanwhile President Emerson Mnangagwa is in New York where he is expected to unveil Zimbabwe’s NDC pledge before 74th UN Secretary-General Assembly on Climate Change Summit.


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