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Meet Paul Zuluka The Ugandan Man Charging R500 To Have Sex With Women In Mzansi

Paul Zuluka is a well-established businessman who boasts around of several customers across Mzansi. He is just one of the many young men who have sex with women for a living in South Africa.

The ObserverZim established from SavannahNews that the 27-year-old Paul Zuluka from Meadowlands, Soweto has been in the sex trade business for years. The celebrated sex worker has become one of the most sought-after services for many women in Mzansi.

Zuluka has opened up about his job and prowess in satisfying women in bed:

“This is the best idea I’ve ever had. Honestly, I love sex and am great at it, so I enjoy every moment. I get money for doing something I love,”

“I help married women keep their relationships going and reduce their stress.”

The Ugandan born said he started his trade in September 2015 after failing to secure a well-paying job.

“I’m a Ugandan graduate. I came to South Africa to get a job in 2014, but that didn’t happen so I had to do something,” said Paul.

But Paul’s Man-For-Hire business also has its challenges.

“Just like other business I also face challenges. In some instances, a man hires me to service their wives and it’s somehow embarrassing and dangerous.”

The somehow celebrated businessman explained that sometimes women fall for him after his services.

Zuluka indicated that most of his clients are from Sandton.

The Ugandan national said that his most esteemed customers are from Sandton and other affluent suburbs from South Africa.

“Some even offer more cash. Sometimes I do 6 or more of them in one room to beat congestion as many want to be satisfied sexually”, he said adding that most of his clients are married women.

Paul Zuluka charges R500 for one round and R2 000 for a one night stand for his services. –


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