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MDC youth leader Gift Ostallos Siziba ARRESTED!

MDC Youth Assembly secretary-general Gift Ostallos Siziba, has been arrested and detained on trumped-up charges of incitement to commit public violence.

The charges arise from remarks he allegedly made at a rally in Glen Norah in Harare on Sunday. Siziba has been detained just at the time as MDC Vice Chairman Hon. Job Sikhala.

Hon. Sikhala is facing trumped-up charges of subverting a constitutionally elected government.

Siziba went to Harare Central Police Station CID Law and Order section this morning accompanied by his lawyers, Moses Nkomo and Agency Gumbo. The police refused to release him into their custody pending his appearance in court tomorrow.

Hon. Sikhala and Siziba’s detention expose the Mnangagwa callous nature of Mnangagwa’s administration, which has been trying to hoodwink Zimbabweans and the international community that they are different from the oppressive regime of former president Robert Mugabe.

The detention of the two MDC senior officials, the recent clamp-down on civil society activists and MPs have exposed this regime for what it really is. The brutal murder of innocent Zimbabweans on August 1, 2018 and in January 2019 have shown that Mnangagwa has never been a reformist, contrary to his posturing to the world and to the diplomatic community.

In short, this is not in any way a Second Republic but a brutal continuation of the First.

Luke Tamborinyoka
Deputy National Spokesperson
Movement for Democratic Change


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