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Local NGO Seeking Donations Of Stationery For Underprivileged


Deborah’s Heart Foundation (DHF) has launched an educational support donation programme to assist underprivileged school children across Zimbabwe with much needed educational resources. The organization aims to raise ten thousand exercise books, pens, pencils and rulers for the disadvantaged youths, with Mufakose and Epworth being the first implementation areas.

A target two hundred and fifty beneficiaries who are having challenges to secure these resources to further their studies have been earmarked for assistance.

DHF is asking Zimbabweans from all corners, both locally and in the diaspora, to come together and donate anything they can spare towards this cause. People can donate monetarily via Ecocash and transfer, or donate the required resources directly to the organisation.



DHF Director, Tarisai Likangala, stated that the objectives of this drive where threefold.

“We seek to increase access to educational resources for disadvantaged rural and urban youths to enable them to explore their full potential. We also want to nurture and encourage innovation in the young people so as to enable them to resist peer pressures through career guidance and capacity building workshops.

Additionally, we want to provide a platform to recognise and celebrate youth’s achievements for national socio-economic development,” stated Likangala.

Intended Outcomes and Impacts

In terms of the tangible outcomes, the main thrust is increased educational awareness by Deborah Foundation and Child Care on the educational right for every child in Zimbabwe.

Likangala also spoke of  imbedding CSOs knowledgeable on the implications of violating children’s right to education in Zimbabwe resulting in increased and improved monitoring and implementation programmes.

We will also focus on the publication and distribution of the Brighten My Future–Education My Right educational story of change for Zimbabwean children resulting in holistic implementation of the recommendations by all members in the Education and Child Protection Policy sector,” she concluded.

About DHF

Deborah’s Heart Foundation (DHF) is a non-profit making, youth empowerment organisation founded in 2015. Its main intention is to socially and economically empower local youths living in disadvantaged situations, particularly in Zimbabwe’s high density suburbs and rural areas.

The organisation seeks to address and redress challenges youths are facing which (not limited to the following), include drug and substance abuse, sexual and reproductive health, unemployment, unfair youth representation in the national socio-economic agenda and access to educational support resources.

DHF seeks to empower youths of the ages 13-25 through mentorship programs, career guidance workshops, networking, recognizing and celebrating youths achievements, as well as advocating for policies that increase youth’s socio-economic participation.

The since its inception in 2015, the organisation has implemented various activities aimed at promoting children’s rights and access to information that promotes youths participation. These include a focus group discussion programme which saw a twenty three young people being assisted with career guidance and soft skills workshops to orphans in Kuwadzana 2.

DHF also engaged in the “Write My Future Campaign” which assisted thirty six orphans at Gosha Primary School in Murehwa district with access to educational materials like books and pens. From the experiences that  the organisation has noted, majority of the young people who have dropped out of school  wish to go back to school with adequate educational resources to fulfil their hopes and ambitions of a brighter future.

Our communities Mufakose and Epworth are currently facing a high rate of drug abuse and substance abuse, prostitution and early marriages. One of the contributing factors to these problems is lack of access to educational support and career guidance support. DHF is actively tackling these issues to create solutions and build local youths potential for a sustainable national development.

Director: Tarisai Likangala +263771611511

Email: deborahsheartfoundation5@gmail.com / tarisaideborah@gmail.com

Facebook: @DHFZimbabwe




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