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LitFest To Celebrate Black History Month

Literature Festival Harare

Press Release:

LitFest Harare will run a literary event on Wednesday 27 February to celebrate the Black History month.  The event will take place at The Nexus at B2C, in Batanai Gardens, Harare. The programme will feature readings, performances and discussions by seasoned and upcoming writers, poets and critics.

The LitFest event will be hosted by writer, critic and academic, Memory Chirere. It will feature journalist, Ish Mafundikwa, who will share his perspectives on the issue of black migrations. His presentation will be followed by readings by writers Shimmer Chinodya and Lawrence Hoba. Poetry performances will be by Albert Nyathi, Xapa, Lisa the Poet and VaChikepe the Poet.

In between these presentations, the audience will be given opportunities to engage in brief discussions with the artists. The discussions will focus on the theme of the evening, “Black Migrations,” as well as on the presentations and craft of the individual presenters.

Black History month is an annual observance in several countries of the world.  It is celebrated in most of these countries in the month of February. It began as a way for remembering important people and events in the African Diaspora.

This year Black History month runs internationally under the theme:  “Black Migrations.” The theme emphasises the movement of people of African descent to new destinations and subsequently to new realities.

As Chirikure Chirikure, the LitFest director, says, “Our event will be a platform for the artists and audiences to celebrate as well as to engage. Over and above the broader scope of the theme, our event will be an opportunity to reflect on the migrations of people of Zimbabwean origin. Our country has seen millions of it’s citizens migrating to various destinations in the past few years. We need to dialogue on the impact of this, with the discourse combining analytical and artistic approaches.”

LitFest is running this event with support from the Public Affairs Section of the USA embassy and the UNESCO desk of the University of Glasgow, Scotland. The event is part of the outreach programme of the LitFest annual international literature festival.



Chirikure Chirikure, LitFest Festival Director

Mobile: +263-772335040



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