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Kadoma residents decry lack of service delivery

Mr Last Mbire has handed over a petition to Town Clerk of Kadoma at the Town House

 Att: Kadoma Town Clerk

       P.O Box Kadoma

Re: Concerned Residents Petition

We petition your municipality to keep the current rates as they are.

Our petition is premised on the following prevailing socio-economic circumstances:

1. Government as the majority employer has not increase salaries.

2. A large number of your rate payers are elderly and either earning pittance or they do not have pension.

3. Service delivery is found wanting in terms of availability of water, and sewerage. Roads also need to be rehabilitated.

We call upon the City to engage the residents so as to bring about meaningful progress. As residents we are against the development of Waverley Bus  Terminus, given that we have 2 old bus terminus in Rimuka that need rehabilitation and as residents we want  to use these.

Mr Last Mbire


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