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Ghetto Pages – But I Try So Hard

Destitute person

I tried

It’s like I’m taking five steps forward

And ten backwards

Everywhere I go trouble follows me

Victory found a way out of my life

I smell the early sun with others and have sleepless

Painstaking nights just like all and sundry

My imagination is big but my hand can’t reach success

Step by step I go with my mates but it seems we are taking

Different routes….mine is just like a loop

All my expectation is shrouded in obscurity

My hands can make but never bring about,

It’s like I make to break

It’s like fate turned the tables against my soul

Am I born to die trying or archiving?

They say everyone has a destination but can’t find my home

I breath fire of struggle but just sewers all my

Work get spilled

Flowing away with the rivers of failure

All my best I tried but I seems my

Hands are tied and can’t make changes


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