Friday, October 23, 2020


By Thomas Faranando

Examination classes reopened Monday with some of the schools such Munhumutapa primary and Tafadzwa in Rimuka, sending scholars back home because they did not meet guidelines prescribed by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Ministry of education had to rescue Munhumutapa and Tafadzwa with a temperature gauge after they sent scholars back home in the morning. Government has put aside funds to make sure schools reopen in a safe environment.

Later the same morning the school authorities sent messages to parents which reads: Morning parents. Today we returned our Grade 7 learners home because we didn’t have the thermometer. We were given one just now by the ministry. So I can confirm that we now have one.

While other schools were sending scholars back home, Kuredza, Munyaradzi primary and secondary,  Kuwadzana and Mupamombe were back to business committing themselves to serve the needs of scholars who have been marginalised by COVID-19.

Speaking to Mr Lovemore Chitaukire who was accompanying his daughter to school,  he said : he was happy to see schools reopening  their doors to scholars who have lost a lot of learning time due to the pandemic. 

“Scholars have lost a lot of learning time due to the pandemic, especially  those from primary  school level are the most affected,” he said. 

The former primary school teacher further said: its now requires an innovative teacher to balance this because already the foundation of these scholars has been disturbed. 

Mr Chitaukire, however, encourages teachers to be responsible citizens and continue teaching  their students as this will empower them to demand better salaries.

As the examination classes which are Grade 7, Form 4 and Upper Sixth reopened Monday, the next four weeks will see other classes reopening.

On October 26, schools will open doors for next year’s examination classes – Grade 6, Form 3 and or Form 5 — which is the second phase and a fortnight after, on November 9, will see the rest of scholars going back to school.


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