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Change Your Limiting Beliefs

Believe in yourself

Many years ago, I worked for a Building Society that offered home loans to individuals and organizations. The Building Society realised that the majority of the mortgage loans it approved were to organizations, high net-worth individuals and the middle class.

Those in the low income brackets were excluded from accessing loans.

What militated against the low income earners from getting loans was the requirement that they were to raise 10% of the loan that they were applying for as deposit.

The Building Society decided to create product for low income earners to deposit a fixed amount into a savings account monthly for a period of up to five years to raise the deposit.  To make the process easy, the Building Society sought to facilitate deductions from the salaries of those low income earners who wished to own a house in their life time.

I put the details of this product to John, a friend of mine who was a low income earner. John looked at me as if he had just seen a ghost and said: “No. That is not meant for me. My salary is too low for me to participate in that scheme.”

John never joined the scheme, yet others in the same situation as he was joined the scheme and are now proud owners of their houses. John has never owned a house in his life and up to this day, he still pays rent to those who had the foresight to delay gratification and save for a deposit to buy their homes.

John had a belief, firmly entrenched in his mind, that he could never own a house. To John, this was a limiting belief.

This limiting belief sabotaged John’s capacity to progress and own a house of his own. He believed that he had no capacity to save money to raise a deposit towards the purchase of his house.


Anthony Robbins, an American author and motivational speaker once said, “Our beliefs are like unquestioned commands, telling us how things are, what’s possible and what’s impossible, what we can and cannot do. They shape every action, every thought and every feeling that we experience.”

Our beliefs are the product of our past experiences, our view of ourselves and the opinions we form as a result of the people we interact with, the books we read and the movies we watch.

Beliefs do not have to scientifically based and once formed are a powerful force of control. Beliefs can hold us back and can propel us to our greatest potential. Beliefs can sabotage the goals we set for ourselves or they can serve as the impetus to achieve our goals.

It follows therefore that, for us to make progress and become a success, we must change pour limiting beliefs. We must believe in the certainty of the capacity to achieve.

We must believe in the inner resources that everyone possesses to perform to our utmost potential. You can create lasting changes in your life if you change your limiting beliefs.

Coach Davison
Coach Davison is a Certified Transformational Coach, NLP Practitioner, Certified Management Consultant, Certified Internal Auditor, Professional Speaker and Distinguished Toastmaster

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