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Bulawayo man robbed of US$180,000 cash in home raid: police

A man lost US$180,000 after he was robbed at gunpoint in Bulawayo’s Killarney suburb, police said.

The incident allegedly took place on January 21 at around 7.30PM.

Inspector Abednico Ncube of Bulawayo police said Vengesai, who is 27 and lives in Nketa 6 suburb, had just driven into his aunt’s house in Killarney and was about to close the gate when he was accosted by three men, one of them armed with a revolver which he fired once in the air.

The robbers, driving in a Toyota Corolla, seized Vengesai’s Samsung S10 phone and a bag containing US$180,000.

It is unclear how Vengesai ended up with such a large amount of money in cash.

His aunt, who asked not to be named, told The Chronicle newspaper that they were “an ordinary family”, but she knew that her nephew was “involved in deals” and always carried large sums of money.

“Apart from urging members of the public and the business community to avoid keeping or carrying large sums of money in their homes, if you happen to be carrying large sums of money consider hiring security escort,” Inspector Ncube said.

“A private person can seek the services of the police, you can arrange with the local police station that you would be carrying large sums of money so assist me or engage private security companies.”


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