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A Spoonful Of Sugar – Simply Vera


Ever watched Mary Poppins? It’s literally only now that a once annoying song is finally making so much sense in my head right now.

‘A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down in the most delightful way’.

Sure, we can take the lyrics literally but there is also the option of taking the lyrics in a metaphoric way. Ever looked at the medicine as all the bad things that have happened in your life? Sometimes we get a bout of sickness and we have to take all this medicine to try and remedy it. In other words, we work tirelessly and seem to just have bouts of bad luck in return.

The sugar in my eyes is represented but a multitude of things. Who do we surround ourselves with? Who do we talk to? What music do we listen to? What messages do we wake up to read? If we live a life of rubbish in and rubbish out then all we will see is a far more morbid version of our own reality.

Today I had a pretty rubbish day. My bassist was late for rehearsal, I realized I was broker than I thought and in order to show face at my next gig I had to burn into my savings. Then the icing on the cake is after I finished rehearsal and rushed to next my performance, I realized that I misplaced my purse which had a much needed 50 Euros in it!

Like could my day get any worse?

Fortunately, my friend offered me and another mutual friend a ride home and we got to talking about how God had just been providing things in their lives. I sat there brooding and thinking, why is my version of God slacking?

I have had a pretty tough month and it just seems to be going on a fast-downward spiral, when will I receive my miracles? When will I be able to say ‘God is good all time’ and actually mean it?

Then I realised something; last year, every morning I had a theme song, and it was ‘It Is Working’ by William Murphy. The lyrics of the song mentioned how it’s my time to start winning, to start reaping the benefits of my life, and I may not have been ‘ballin’ but things were working out quite fabulously for me.

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I saw my life, my reality, in a positive way. Every minute blessing was a huge success; I could just find $2.00 in my pocket and celebrate.

What does this all mean?

It means that since 2019 started, I disregarded how important it was for me to have my teaspoon of sugar, my morning motivation, my theme song, my personal cheerleader, to encourage me and remind me all that things were going to work out. Instead I focused on the taste of the medicine, the economy, the failed business ventures, the lost gigs, the dismal finances, I just saw darkness.

In this lovely world of ours, it’s so easy to get demotivated and work yourself into a depression, however, what is important is to surround yourself with as much positivity as possible.

I mean did you know that if you start your day with a positive message, quote or story or good news you will naturally have a good day? Even a morning mantra saying today will be a good day is enough to convince your brain that today really will be a great day.

Surround yourself in positivity and help the medicine go down in a more delightful way!

Talk soon.




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