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5 Ways To Get The Best of WhatsApp Groups For Your Business


A lot of posts have been written before about social media for your business and mostly were on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, but very few on WhatsApp.

I greatly believe this is a big marketing medium but it is often abused. To be honest with you, the whole WhatsApp for Business would require me a full day workshop or seminar but to being with I just thought of narrowing to focus on WhatsApp groups.



To start with, let me pose you some few genuine questions:

How many of you read every chain message sent or forwarded to you?

How many messages from groups do you actually reply or engage with (even commenting)?

How many messages do you forward to every contact in your WhatsApp lists?

Do you use Broadcasts lists?

Do you download media files sent to you or in groups (i.e. pics, videos, audios, documents etc.)?

How many statuses do you actually view per day?

How do you feel with those members who always forwarding their posts in the groups?

How many groups are you into?

What makes you want to forward a message?


Build Your Audience, Grow Your Network

In business you need to have a rich network and this can be measured by your number of contacts, especially those who actively engage with you.

How you build it can be simple: you save the numbers of people you meet, app them afterwards, introduce yourself and what you do. Find out about them also.

Remember you’re chatting not just sending them messages, if you find they are not interested, pull back, change strategy or leave them alone.

To augment your audience, create WhatsApp groups for your business or brand. This allows you to communicate your message to a broad group. Make sure it’s active, vibrant, valuable and have Group Rules to govern it.


Don’t Be a Nuisance

I think you we all know these guys; when they post their adverts, they post the same advert consecutively or different adverts one after the other (worse still of different brands). These guys have become nuisance in many groups and we all wish they could be removed but sometimes it seems they protected or in company with the admins.

Then there are the noisy ones, always participating… I have nothing against that but let it be relevant and justifiable, not just picking up fights or arguing with every member in the group, worse still when you trying push your brand.

It tarnishes your image and kills the brand you pushing. Who wants to buy from someone who is always against them or picking fights with other group members?


Don’t Spam us Please

You know of the type; that just after joining the group, they already throwing their advert. Eish come on fella! Just a few seconds in and you’re already spamming us?

And some have even gone to the extent of coming to our inboxes with their advert when we don’t even know each other. Manners please! Let’s engage and build a relationship first. Don’t just post in any group, first get in touch with the group admins and hear their group rules and if you need something seek permission first.


Tell us About  Yourself

Being a content marketer, I strongly believe that storytelling will bring the best brand engagement and sales. For the past three months you have been sending us the same advert…come on! Ccan’t you spice it up a bit. Remember variety is the spice of life.

Again, you want to do business with us but you have never introduced yourself to us. Maybe just telling us a bit about yourself like your name that allows us to Google and verify you because we living in the world of scams and frauds.



Be Consistent

I have always tried to be consistent, that almost every message I share should be kind of related to my grind. I’m not against sharing jokes, news, memes and such but if you always sharing other people’s views and products then who will take you seriously when you now post your own advert?




Tinashe Bonde
Tinashe Bonde

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