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31 July Zimbabwe Protests Pictures and Videos

Zimbabwe cities have been shut down as authorities are gearing up for the 31 July protests. Our reporters from major cities are giving us updates:


Harare CBD has been deserted. Only a few people and cars are seen. There is a heavy police  presence.

Major road block at Mbudzi roundabout. Shops in the High density are open although there is heavy police presence.

Police and soldiers have mounted roadblocks along the major highways. No car is being allowed to pass the Mutare Highway into Harare CBD.

Zimbabwe shuts down 31 July Protests

Harare CBD on 31 July

Harare CBD on 31 July
Harare CBD on 31 July


In Bulawayo, CBD is deserted, majority of shops and banks are closed. Zupco buses have no passengers to carry. In locations, people are indoors with few youth here and there in the streets.

Demonstration Bulawayo
Bulawayo CBD is cleared


Mutare is deserted with only major retail shops such as OK, TM, Spars, open.

Traffic blocked at Mutare Teachers road block.More in Home.

Scores of people are returning home. The situation is tense, motorists are being told to go back to their homes at Mutare Teachers college roadblock.


Central Marondera is quiet, all shops closed.Heavy police presence.


In Masvingo, the atmosphere is tense. The CBD is deserted, major shops open. In the high density surburbs shops are open and a few people are outdoors.


Shops are closed in Mvurwi only pharmacies are open people are indoors


Major retail outlets including pharmacies, grocery shops, filling stations are open. 

Chipinge 31 July Protests
Chipinge Town on 31 July


A few shops are closed. Police are seem roaming around town

Chinhoyi 31 July protests
Chinhoyi Town


Major shopping centres are open but very few people are doing business. Zupco buses are ferrying people into town but they are not full.

Gwanda Update 31 July 2020 protests
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