Friday, October 23, 2020

Hwindi rapεs landlord’s 10-year-old daughter, buys her silence with roasted liver

Two children die, one seriously injured after water tank collapsed on them

Man carries used condoms home after the act

Africa’s Biggest Fiber-Network Company Opts for Solar to Cut Power Costs

BLOOMBERG - Liquid Telecommunications Ltd., the biggest fiber-network company in Africa, has added a solar plant at its East Afri...

Twin girls, joined at the skull, successfully separated in 18-hour operation in Vatican hospital

(CNN) A pair of conjoined twin girls with an extremely rare condition have been successfully separated at a hospital in the Vatican City.Ervina and Prefina, aged 2, were joined at the skull...

What Causes Penis Shrinkage?

Overview The length of your penis can decrease by up to an inch or so for various reasons. Usually, changes to penis size are smaller than an inch, however, and may be closer to 1/2 an i...

Africa has registered less Covid-19 deaths than other regions

Africans may be twice as likely to experience Covid-19 without any illness, compared with people in the rest of the world, according to preliminary analysis by the African branch of the Wor...

Mayors from across Africa unite to accelerate action on sanitation by 2030

Mayors from across Africa Tuesday reaffirmed their commitment to create and improve inclusive sanitation policies across African cities, at the 20th AfWA International Congre...

Macrad changing lives in Masvingo


Climate Crisis Worsens Wildlife Invasions In Bulilima

Zimbabwe to have higher than average rains this season

Water shortages hit Kariba

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