Zimbabwean man who was raised from the dead is “really dead” – relatives

A Zimbabwean man who appeared to have been raised from the dead at a South African church, who was identified as Elliot Brighton Moyo, has been confirmed ‘officially’ dead by his close relatives.

According to Bulawayo tabloid, B-Metro the man’s real name is Thabiso Proud Mlanje, and not the fictitious Brighton Moyo as was identified with on social media since the ‘stunt’.

Mlanje stirred controversy a few weeks ago when a video in which he was ‘resurrected’ by Pastor Alph Luka surfaced.

Mlanje died on April 3 and was buried at his late father’s house in Dandanda Village in Lupane under Chief Mabhikwa. He was 28 and is survived by a wife and two children.

According to the late man’s family, Mlanje reportedly developed an illness before the resurrection stunt with Alph Lukau.

After the ‘resurrection miracle’, it is said that Mlanje was so afraid of South African police that he would sneak out whenever his wife, Simelweyinkosi, took him to hospital.

His wife finally brought him to Zimbabwe on 8 March and the couple stayed at Thabiso’s father-in-law’s place in the homestead in Village 2 Insuza under Chief Mtshane.

He was taken Mbembesi Clinic in Insuza on 23 March and transferred to St Luke’s Hospital in Lupane on April 1 after his health continued deteriorating. Unfortunately, he passed on April 3 and was buried on April 5.

Thabiso’s brother, Stanely Mlanje confirmed that it was indeed his brother who appeared in the resurrection stunt with Lukau.

He said: Yes, this is my brother, I am looking at him. However, I cannot explain much on details surrounding his resurrection because I was not there. I also saw him trending on social media.

I had so many questions to ask him about that whole resurrection thing but I couldn’t because when I talked to him he was not so well so I thought I would ask him when he gets better.

Just like everyone else, I still have questions for him but the most painful thing for me is that I will never get answers since he is dead.

The late man’s grandmother told B-Metro that Thabiso was constantly vomiting blood when he died.

She said: At the time of his death, he was constantly vomiting blood, it was such a painful death. I wish someone could properly explain to me what was happening in South Africa because I hear he was once dead for three days and was resurrected by a pastor.

… Now what pains me is that it’s been seven years since he went to South Africa and he had never set foot home or contacted me in those seven years. I only got to see him as a corpse.

We buried him right next to his grandfather because when he was sick he kept telling his in-laws that he wants to lie next to his grandfather.

His father-in-law, Bernard Mayendayenda Sibanda told B-Metro that he was deeply distressed by what his son-in-law did.

Said Sibanda: I am still in great distress because of what my son-in-law did. I have had to deal with the police concerning his whole resurrection scheme and now since he is dead I have to answer questions I don’t know.

It causes me pain because I didn’t know anything about what happened in South Africa. This man has put me and my family in so much trouble.


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