Zambian MP beats up wife over Ben 10

The Ndola High court Monday heard how PF Chifubu MP Frank Ngambi’s wife Agness Ngambi was caught with calls to men suspected to be her boyfriends after which she is alleged to have been beaten by her husband. Ngambi is charged with Acts intended to cause grievous harm which he denies.

It is alleged that on 7th June this year, Ng’ambi with intent to maim, disfigure or disable did cause grievous harm to Agness, his wife.

In July this year, the Ndola Magistrate Court committed Ng’ambi to the High Court for trial and when the matter came up today before Ndola High Court Judge Yvonne Chembe, 62 year old Silla Lukunka told the court that Agness was her daughter married to Ng’ambi for 20 years now and that on the material day around 10:00 hours, she received a call from Ng’ambi her son in law who told her that he and Agness were having issues.

“When he called me I expected the news to be about a granddaughter getting married, but was told that things were not fine because Agnes was having extra affairs in the marriage with a toy boy.”

“I proceeded to go to Ndola from Luanshya after I knocked off at 16:00 hours on that day. I dropped off at Fatmols (Ngambi’s lodge) Lodge where I was picked by Ng’ambi and we proceeded to Mitengo at their home. We proceeded to the sitting room and Ng’ambi explained to me that my daughter had fallen while, at her uncle’s house. Ng’ambi then went to the bedroom and came out after five minutes. Two minutes after that, Agness also came out but was holding the walls for support as she was limping,” Lukunka told the court.

Ngambi then informed her that there was an issue at home which was embarrassing, but he did not want other family members to know about it.

He explained that when he was elected as MP, they were told as MP’s that if they didn’t pay attention to their marriages at home, that would be how some marriages would end.

At one point he was supposed to go to Solwezi, and they needed to sleep in Kitwe but he decided to proceed home to Ndola at 18:00 hours but he did not find his wife.

He tried calling her but her phone was not going through.

At around 19:00hours, he decided to call her daughter who also had no idea where her mother was. At 21:00 hours, he went outside and got into the car so as to go to the police station, but he saw her coming with a car. She further explained that Agness told Ng’ambi that she was coming from Chilanga Mulilo.

“After they came from confirming that she was at the Chilanga mulilo, he got her phone and wanted to check what was in the phone. He found that she was calling other men, who among them was a doctor soldier. I asked my daughter whether it was true and she admitted that it was true. Ng’ambi then allegedly called the doctor who refused to come.”

“The next day after I returned to Luanshya, Ng’ambi called me at around 16:00 hours telling me that there was another issue. He then told me that he had brought my daughter back and that the marriage had failed.”

“It was alleged that the reason it had ended was because a man only known as Boyd called my daughter and he knew about it because he had taped all the phones including those of his children and that his informer told him so. He was annoyed at Agnes and hit her with his hand and told her that she needed to grow up and needed prayers.”

She testified that ‘he then asked her to say she was sorry before he could leave and that was when she knelt and started asking for forgiveness.

She then said she only used to agree to the affairs because she wanted him to stop beating her.

But in response he said he had played with her mind.

“After that, when I remained with my daughter, I gave her food, but noticed that she wasn’t eating to which my daughter who wore a long dress which covered most of her face only leaving the nose and eyes removed it and then I noticed cuts in her mouth and said she could not eat anything. I tried to go and remove her clothes in the bedroom, but she complained of body pain crying that she had been kicked, beaten and stepped on.’

She narrated that she then rushed her to the hospital at 04:00 hours, but couldn’t get treatment at Thomson hospital because they needed a police report from station where the incident happened.

Later that day they rushed back to hospital, informed Ng’ambi and when he returned, he pleaded that Agnes be removed from hospital because of repercrsions that would follow and started showing her photos circulating on social media. He complained that she was wrong to have taken her to Luanshya.


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