Your Bravery And Courage Are Not In Vain, Chamisa Tells Injured Protesters

1/15 All said and done, I acknowledge you the peace loving people of Zimbabwe.I salute those who supported the march despite the challenge. To those who got injured and were assaulted, I wish you quick recovery. Your bravery and courage are not in vain.We shall overcome!

2/15 To the regional leaders, their countries, citizens of Africa and to the international community, thank you for your solidarity with the people of Zimbabwe. Ours is a peaceful and just cause, indeed a democratic struggle for a better, free and truly new aZimbabwe.

3/15 As a peaceful party, the MDC has followed all legal processes in the exercise of our political rights which are guaranteed by the constitution. We gave notice of the demonstration even though we disagree vehemently with the legislation under which this had to be done (POSA).

4/15 However,at the eleventh hour the police unreasonably denied us the opportunity to exercise our rights.Our efforts to challenge the decision in court were in vain.We always expect and trust our courts to be fair and impartial but we are once again disappointed by the outcome.

5/15 It is now clear we did everything possible using the available legal routes in order to exercise our rights but all avenues are closed.We’re confronted by an unjust system – unjust rulers, unjust rules and unjust playing field but will never doubt the justice of our cause.

6/15 There comes a point in the affairs of humankind when a people must challenge an unjust system, when compliance is as good as reaffirming the unjust system and your own mental and physical subjugation.

7/15Throughout the course of history no oppressed people have achieved freedom by complying with the dictates of an unjust system.They have challenged it.This is the historic task of our people;our generation. The system a vicious machinery but the people have a valiant spirit.

8/15 The world saw for itself how brutal the regime is despite attempts to paint a picture that it is a New Dispensation.Sights of police brutalising defenceless civilians, beating up women and the elders are tragic but they also confirm why this demonstration was necessary.

9/15 The State has not reformed and it lacks the moral authority to govern, hence the resort to use of excessive force. In fact, those in power today clearly show us that they have learnt nothing and forgotten nothing from the yesterpolitics.

10/15 We’ve always called for the need of political reforms underpinning economic reforms. Images going around the world as a result of the excessive force used by the state against the people shame Zimbabwe & make the country less attractive as an investment destination.

11/15 What the government has done reaffirms the need for political reforms and reinforces our argument about the importance of restoring legitimacy. No government that enjoys untrammelled legitimacy behaves as the Zimbabwean government has behaved today.

12/15 Ahead of August 16 there had already been signs of the brutal hand of the regime. Political activists were abducted and brutally tortured by agents. The state’s bad history in this regard places responsibility upon its shoulders, they carry the duty to protect citizens.

13/15Going forward,Zimbabweans have no choice but to continue peacefully expression.All authority comes from the people as it is up them to assert it.ED has made the choice for you,remain steadfast in the face of violence and intolerance and keep fighting for your rights.

14/15 In the days,weeks and months ahead, peaceful action is our force. To the people who will come out to express themselves we say it’s important to exercise your rights and to do so peacefully.

15/15 We continue pray for the injured wishing them quick healing.We salute those incarcerated or charged on account of politics.Many of us have scars of the struggle.There will be many more.But this is not the time to give up.The seed of liberty is in our blood & expires not!


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