You were there providing brains when people were being killed during 2008 run-off: Goreraza savages Jonathan Moyo

Strive Masiyiwa should not have given Jonathan Moyo the time of day. Jonso is a verified nut! He’s a serial character killer who gets of off strangling his victims with a string of lies. His past and present behaviour reveals a consistent pattern of knitted anti-social tendencies which require residency in a nut house.

He is never still and calm! He is always in a struggle with someone, trying to choke the life out of them with his lies. I cannot for the life of me understand anyone who partners with the jerk and thinks he won’t one day turn on them. He turned on the former first lady, he turned on Kasukuwere. He is a bull in a China shop, a rampaging rancorous blind indiscriminate natural disaster.

Stanley Goreraza

He has been one huge disaster for Zimbabwe with his mushroom clouded mind accompanied by radioactive ideas.

When it comes to shouting, yelling, ranting and raving, no one does it better. He is like a pig which is in it’s element when rolling over in filthy mud with rotting stuff. He is in his element when fighting dirty. He thoroughly enjoys and lives for it. When has he ever not been crossing swords with someone?

Hanzi Strive is a Bond billionaire, the same Bond whose introduction he’s partly responsible for. Hanzi Econet funded the 2008 runoff, the same runoff he insisted would go ahead even if Tsvangirai pulled out! Econet has had to pay hundreds of millions to keep it’s operating license or it was going to be shut down and Zanupf was looking for an excuse to shut them down just to get at Strive.

How Zanupf used the money paid by Econet for its license was beyond the control of Econet. Jonathan knows this but he is just being himself, a self serving responsibility evading scheister.

The man has no honour, no dignity and no conscience. He was there providing brains when people were being killed during the runoff. He would scream about how Zimbabwe needed to ditch the American dollar for something Zimbabwean. He would scream even louder against sanctions which he now prefers they remain in place.

Jonathan is chaos itself. And now he has hitched his wagon to that of Chamisa. Small wonder the young man has taken to lying!

— Stanley Goreraza


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