World’s Shortest Man & Woman Get Married

Life could be strange at times, and it keeps surprising us everyday about what it eventually gives us.

Have you ever seen a dwarf marrying a dwarf before?

Apparently, it seems very strange & rare. But in the case of this couple here, is a practical example we need to see or probably learn from.

Apparently, as the saying goes. . Love is blind, Love is so beautiful, there is love to be shared for everyone.

And also have at the back of your mind that, there is someone special for you, you just have to be patient and keep looking. No matter how ugly, short or tall you are, you have a special person. And that’ s the truth. . ! !

Meet Paulo Gabriel da Silva Barros, A 30 year old man with muscular dystrophy dwarfism. He is married to the beautiful Hoshino Cathusia from Brazil. She is 26 years old Hoshino suffers from achondroplasia dwarf, both actually 34. 8 inches and 35. 2 inches in height.

However, the two of them eventually met on social media. That was about 10 years before they finally decided to tie a knot. They are happy and affectionate, but they can be difficult because they are short.
Let’ s See their lovely pictures below;

From the look of these photos, it shows how happy they are, even though with their present condition, they are still pleased & happy with themselves. And this is a true definition of a lasting marriage that will never fade away.

This should be an inspiring lessons to couples who can’ t endure their marriage any longer, due to one reason or the other.

I hope this photos has really inspired you alot?


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