Wife Axes Husband To Death For Attempting To Leave Her, Goes On The Run

In a chilling crime which left the residents of Mutare’s Chikanga suburb shell shocked, a woman axed her husband to before fleeing the crime scene and going on the run.

Homicide detectives have since launched a manhunt for Anesu Mafokosho who is alleged to have killed her husband Vitalis Mudhumo (26) on Christmas Eve.

According to the Manica Post, the couple’s marriage was already on shaky ground before the fateful day. On the day of the horror, the couple went shopping for Christmas presents and clothes for their three-year-old daughter.

However, an altercation ensued during the trip and when they returned home Vitalis started packing his clothes saying that he was moving out.

Anesu tried pleading with Vitalis begging him not to go but it seems as his heart was set. Unfortunately, the situation degeneration into chaos and Anesu struck Vitalis with an axe three times on the neck.

She then fled from the scene although she texted her little sister and told her what she had done. She has not been seen since and the police are searching for her.

Vitalis Mudhumo’s body hang from the bed after he was axed/ Image Credit: Manica Post

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