By Herman Moyo

Love actually. Who are you when nobody’s looking, when there’s no audience to impress. Where are your thoughts and what are your thoughts? That life owes you and everybody is out to get you, that the world must be brought to heel or made to sit up like a well-trained pooch at your command?

That until you get what’s owed you, you will remain perpetually in complain mode; scheming, plotting, controlling, judgmental, undermining and taking stuff personally? Playing the victim? Wake up and smell the smodho! You need a 1 80 degree turnaround because, you my friend, are a narcissist and you need to learn to love.

If there’s one thing we learned in 2020, this is it.

The inimitable covid 19 with all its attendant protocols forced us to put up with prolonged ‘quality’ time with family, where previously we had had only superficial interaction, we now had to face up to their good, their bad and their ugly traits on a continual basis at a scale hitherto unknown.

At the outset one would have been forgiven to think this was going to be an open ended honeymoon served with a liberal helping of tv bingeing . But alas that was a bridge too far. Yes, there’s such a thing as too much of a good thing. Try eating nothing but icecream for two consecutive days.

Absence makes the heart fonder, so goes the adage, conversely, presence must make the heart colder. Sadly, many a relationship heart went stone cold. Domestic violence spiked with divorce writs being filed at an ungodly haste. Maybe it’s time we got back to the basics of love.

What is love?

Holy scriptures have this to say about love: Though I speak with the tongues of angels, though I may give everything to the poor and; wait for it; though I may even give my very own body, without love…. Yeees! you can do all of that with about as much love as a mamba in recoil. Fat lot of good it will do you (I’m paraphrasing here)

When we bend over backwards to be a goody 2 shoes for the wrong reasons and desires, we’re doing nothing but performing a mere stunt, that’s all. Love is a state of being. In the majority of cases it defies convention.

You will find it in unlikely places and be disappointed when it’s nowhere near where you’d expect it to be. Like in the clergymen on the Jericho road who showed two pairs of clean heels when it came to the crunch. It had to take a man of another ethnicity with a carafe of half-drunk vino in his saddlebags to save the day.

That’s the Good Samaritan. That’s love in a nutshell. As we look back on 2020 this eminently forgettable year, we’ve been changed in ways up until now, unimaginable. The rollout of the covid vaccine has just begun in the industrialised nations of the world (Only God knows when we’ll get a whiff) and with it the apprehension that this may impinge on our human rights i.e. the right of choice and movement int.al; the real prospect of being denied access to places, goods and services without production of a valid vaccination certificate.

I’m not in the least surprised about the pushback effect that this latter part is having amongst certain sectors of society. Its like Armageddon coming in through the back doorway.

The mark of the beast.

One prominent justice on the other side of the river publicly prayed and rebuked the vaccines that would be inclined to carry the ignoble spirit of the antichrist into the arms or buttocks of the unwary Then the economies tanked. The academic year stalled. Lives and livelihoods gave up the ghost.

And America ‘the home of the brave and land of the free’ the veil of deception finally removed enabling her to take her rightful place amongst the Banana republics of the world, where electoral outcomes are neither here nor there.

Then came the biggest nonevent of the year. The MDC.T congress. Fisticuffs and all that rigging and rigmarole.

Netflix should have been there!


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