VP Chiwenga Blasts Chamisa For ‘Childish’ Promises

VP Chiwenga yesterday said he was confident that victory for Zanu Pf was certain in this year’s elections.

He said the first step was to expose MDC Alliance’s campaign gimmicks which are childish at best.

Chiwenga said instead of going around peddling falsehoods, Mr Chamisa should first deal with the legitimacy woes he was facing.

“We shall have time to dismantle their little, make-believe dreams as we get down to real campaign work,” he said.

“Before they tackle our icon, could they do their own supporters a small favour by resolving legitimacy issues that dog and haunt them!

“We excuse them for being too young to have participated in the struggle. But we cannot excuse them from mounting a bid for national leadership from a pilfered party crown!”

Mr Chamisa’s is currently locked in a legitimacy dispute over the rights to MDC-T party with his now rival Thokozani Khupe.

She has also written to Parliament recalling Mr Chamisa himself.

“The courted and concussed voter has to read, weigh and decide from a welter of competing visions,” Chiwenga said.

“But visions are deeper and a more serious affair for transforming nations, impacting a people not childish dreams which excite rude passions, while not surviving even the most charitable scrutiny. We hear such child-like and childish talk designed to transform make-believe worlds fit for the painter’s canvas, never phases to be lived and enjoyed. Bullet trains! Spaghetti Roads! Rural Airports! Cellphones for Animal Kingdoms! All such and much more crazy ideas to come.”

Chiwenga went on: “Until we ask ourselves why pretenders who sell us such convoluted dummies cannot manage small traffic in our real world cities and municipalities which they control and run! Why reach Bulawayo in 40 minutes when Harare workers can’t reach Kuwadzana in five hours? What open cans of spaghetti when potholes straddle single lane roads in the city centre? Shouldn’t these starry-eyed juvenile politicians take us to Mabvuku after a hard day’s work before they put us on ‘Apollo 11’ to the Moon?”

Chiwenga said Zanu-PF was built on principles of internal democracy and servant leadership that served with integrity.

“The national economy must now recover and grow so the youths have jobs,” he said.

“The national stomach must always eat plentifully so no one goes hungry. Agriculture must succeed. The minerals must become usable wealth which looks after our people. We hear you loud and clear. Tourism must grow. So, too, must our infrastructure which must be made modern and which must speak to the infrastructure of the region so we become a real hub of the region.”


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