VIP’s death to shake Zimbabwe on 3 December 2018…

…Another man of God prophesies

Prophet Itai Ukama of Abundant Life Ministries has urged Zimbabweans to pray for leaders saying he saw people gathering on 3 December 2018. Said prophet Ukama,

“We wanna pray for the nation of Zimbabwe that the spirit of God will rest upon Zimbabwe, that the cup of God will not be poured undiluted by grace and mercy over Zimbabwe. I’m looking at the date 3 December. What is happening on the 3rd of December 2018? Why are people gathering? Is it the judgement of God? Is it a natural happening? What is it? Why ….”

This is not the first time the deaths of Zimbabwean leaders have been prophesied by church leaders. On 16 September another man of God, Apostle Talent Chiwenga, revealed that he saw two important people dying in quick succession in Zimbabwe, which would have an impact on the future.

“I see two coffins, coffins that will bring this country to a standstill. People right now have people they have in mind that they think are dying, but I see people surprised, saying ‘we thought this one was in good health, what happened?’ he said.


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