USA and over-indulging a mad man!

By Herman Moyo

The Lawless one!

There’s an African proverb, well, Zimbabwean actually, which when translated admonishes over-indulging a mad man at a funeral wake lest he be carried away and takes off with the body of the deceased.     

This proverb aptly captures the incredulous malarkey in Trump’s America today. For the the longest time he was indulged, humoured & tolerated in his madness by those that had improved their fortunes by hitching a ride on his bandwagon & the poor gullible southerners who had bought into his version of America.

And look where it’s got them.

It’s trite but true that evil flourishes when good people hold their counsel even when it’s in their face. One can almost forgive the excitable Chinos of this land for dancing kongonya jive on tables in a bid to interrupt the constitution commission during a public outreach program the other year. 

That spoke to their sophistry or lack thereof and it happened in a hotel, not in the hallowed corridors of power like what has happened in Capitol Hill.   

The enigma, nay, aberration that is Trump does not materialise out of nothingness.Just like Hitler,  he is a reflection of the society that produced and allowed him to scale up to the highest office in the land. He’s the embodiment of society’s deep dark twisted fantasies they are too embarrassed to even acknowledge. 

They can’t deny who they really are inside, so like any good racist, they wear a public face, sponsor somebody else to carry out their fantasies.                

And Trump did not disappoint.

He wasn’t hamstrung by such inconveniences as diplomacy, dignity, sophistication or even guile. He shined the light on the morning face of America without makeup. So when he whipped up the emotions of the foolhardy and ordered them to charge Capitol Hill, we shouldn’t have been caught unawares. 

Yet Washington DC was, if the failure of security preparedness is anything to go by. Unless there’s a more sinister motive. And if there is, why is that mad man still at the White House? by the same token why is he still the custodian of the nuclear football and codes?   

Had it been BLM that had breached congress there would have been a bloodbath. In fact all BLM demonstrations are over policed. The republicans must take responsibility for the circus.

They created the clown!


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