Twitter user asks, ‘why is prostitution actually illegal? See some of the replies she got

I am disappointed with this generation. Me that I am talking here don’t fancy religion that much but You can never mock religion. You know why? It’s like a manual to All life’s ethics, ethos, morals.

Leave Jesus or Mohammed out of it now. Bible and Qoran condemns theft. The Constitution and law does. Bible and Qoran condems fraud, the constitution and law does. Bible and Qoran condemns rape, the Constitution and law does. Bible and Qoran condemns murder, why are people who are supposed to be learned and educated are now letting the devil to use them to bend the rules.

You know as an adult that you spread your legs, in ejaculate spermotozoa inside a woman, you could have pulled put but Mba nu the thing sweet you na that time you fucked harder, you could have used a condom but rara, you say na skin to skin flesh sweet pass, you could have abstained but you chose to bite from the apple of sex.

Now you did all this and activate life, nature took its place and a life force sprang out like an innocent green stem of a day old plant that just sprang out of the earth, then you raised your feet and crush and stamped that innocent soul under it, denying it life, robbing it of hope and you say it’s okay.

Nawao. Wait!!! Some of us at times must have been told a tale of how our mothers try to terminate us because of hardship, now imagine she did and yet somehow miraculously you come to life but through another vessel and you remain her biological child tho, but she didn’t passage you, how would you have felt seeing or remembering her?

Won’t you feel scorn, casted out and down, rejected, feel like you a bad seed, feel like you don’t deserve life as every other person but you only here by grace, won’t you look at her with great, reproach, disdain and bitterness as you gnash your teeth and clench your fist.

If a child should grow up and being told how he or she was being dumped at 3 days old at a dump site won’t that child feel dispirited? Won’t that child feel like living but not alive. Think about it.



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