The REAL Problem With Being Zimbabwean – A View From The Diaspora

Nyaya yeZimba is not only about ZANU PF and it’s government or MDC party, but vanhu vachowo futi takadhakwa. We need a serious mindset change coz we are far from progressive mode. Even kukauya new government, it will struggle with us.

We are consumptive. Imagine kuti Gono gave people money and inputs; but what happened? We sold and bought cars and some of us built 50 bedroomed mansion.

Fences were put along our Highways to protect our livestock and wildlife but takaba tikaisa pamagarden nekuteya mhuka dzacho. Now tsaona mumugwagwa nemadhongi nedzimwe mhuka hobho.

Employ a Zimbo today and he starts crafting on how porous your system is so that he steals from you. You hear his friends asking: *”Kubasa kwenyu kunowanikei shaa?”* Munyati wekuba chete semakudo!

Look at the Chiadzwa era, a lot of people vakabata mari ine mumvuri, but what happened? Vamwe vaitenga the whole stock yemuBottle Store vogeza muviri nedoro! Vamwe vakadzi hobho kunge King Mswati. Hanzi mari ibvupfuwe inopera yabiwa. Zvino iripi? Give that money to Somalis uone what would happen.

Many of usleft Zim for UK, South Africa, Australia, U.S., Canada, etc kusina ZANU PF but what have we done? South Africa even gave us free papers but dololo. Is the problem really the government or iwewe?

In UK, South Africa, USA etc you get China city, Somali community, Indian community, Nigerian community, etc etc but never Zimboz. If one Somali arrives in a country he sets up base for his fellow countrymen and in no time they have a serious community helping each other. Manje vedu maZimbo vanotokudzimira phone kana wacrossa border kuenda ikoko.

Zimboz are busy competing kuti who drives the best car, who has large leather sofas and who has the biggest mansion, etc. Back home vamwe vedu mukati pane zviri kuitwa zvine musoro? When they meet it’s party time kuri kushainirana, which usually end in fights. Why oh why?

Look at the number of political parties. Kikikikiki One hundred and chakuti … kutodarika team dziri kuenda ku FIFA Soccer World Cup. That tells you something about Zimboz. We are not collective. Why are Biti, Chamisa and Ncube a coalition? Why not be just one party? . And tumwe twacho maiweee  kungoitawo gudzamudungwe kuti vazoudza vazukuru kuti vakamboitawo political party rimwe gore. Hapana chimuko.

Look at the bhora musango mantra, it sums up our Zimbo character even in families. Double faced.

Why can’t 4 Zimboz put money together to start a massive entity. Why? The end result kuri kuvharana, why? It’s so sad.

Look at the way we drive on the roads; it’s appalling to say the least. We can’t be disciplined just to follow simple road rules just because there are no police on the road. But we forget that safety is important for us and our passengers, pedestrians and our families. We bring grief to our nation not because of ZANU PF or MDC but our Zimbo character.

Before we start blaming politicians, let’s look at ourselves and Change because haaa takaroiwa neakafa.

Let’s make it easier for whoever is gonna be the next President. #Mindset change #Zero Chitsotsi #let’sworktogether.

Ndapedza nemi zvanhasi. Ndikunzwei futi muchiti nywee 😏



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