By Kenneth Dumbura

The problem we now have in Zimbabwe is that everything we eat is not Zimbabwean nor African because it comes from Innscor Africa be it the breakfast, lunch and dinner etcetera – you name it.

Innscor has a monopoly in that area of what we eat, because look at this:

Bread- Baker’s inn
Eggs- irvine’s
Beacon- colcom
Ham- colcom
Sausages- colcom

Rice- National foods
Mealie meal- National foods
Chicken- irvine’s
Pork- colcom
Beef- Texas
Spaghetti- National foods

Mealie meal-National foods
Rice-National foods
Chicken- irvine’s

*Fast food and desserts*
– Chicken inn
– Pizza inn
– Creamy inn
– Fish inn
– Nandos

All those food manufacturing companies are under Innscor Africa owned by Zed Koudounaris and Michael Fowler.

If you decide not to buy from them and decide to do poultry, piggery, or eggs, you will buy their expensive stockfeed from National foods and Pro feed at the end of day you won’t make an profit, your business will be operating at Breakeven level and any mistake it will collapse.

As a black farmer you have to grow small grains that doesn’t demand much water, conventional fertilizers, pesticides, or prone to moisture stress and high cost of production.

Use small grain with high protein, vitamin, carbohydrates, fat to produce stockfeed and also human consumption for healthy diet,

In this way we fight the monopoly or oligarchy in the food sector, because it is hard for our government to fight the oligarchy or cartels because they own billions in wealth more than our country’s national budget.

This is the top 10 of Cartels:

10: John Nixon
9: Ian Sunders
8:. Michael Fowler
7:. Sam Levy’s
6:. Kenneth Sharpe
5:. Zed Koudounaris
4: Billy Reutenbach
3:. Nicholas Van Hoogstraten
2: John Bredenkamp
1:. Strive Masiyiwa.

From the list you see that only Strive Masiyiwa is in the top ten the rest are whites.

The blacks we think are rich are stooges who have political influence who have are used to protect the wealth of the whites.

The honest and hard working black entrepreneurs are victims of political attacks the likes of Tagwirei he not a stooge of any of those but build his wealth honestly.

It’s hard for our government to break the cartel because of our constitutional law that provides for right to private property, henceforth if the black people of ZIMBABWE of Africa wants to be rich they should adopt government policy for black empowerment.

Policies like pfumvudza intwasa program and presidential input scheme are there to secure food security first, before venturing into entrepreneurship that empowers as black people.

Issues of value addition and value chain that our President, H.E Dr Cde ED Mnangagwa always lament about are the bedrock to dismantling Cartels or oligarchy in the food sector and empower our Farmers.

Do you know retail outlets are created for the poor, otherwise the rich produces and process their own food, they only go to a shop to buy salt only, the rest they are grown and processed at the farm.

Therefore if you don’t have any where you grow something and process you are in the group of the poor.

If you don’t want to be a servant the rest of your life, whatever business you do, the proceeds from that business should go to setting up of farming activities.

If you establish farming then make inroads into mining then tourism,

At the end we as blacks control production and processing of our own resources.

We should not cry that foreigners are taking up our resources, no but we are not aware of the potential that we have economically.

Right now in Kenya there’s new president, I say congratulations to President- elect William Ruto, and the people of Kenya, but people of Kenya don’t know that Kenya has rich soils as well as Uganda and Tanzania.

Countries like Israel go to East Africa and construct roads and dams and they demand soil from these roads and dams as part payment for construction of roads and dams, why?

They load these soils into ships in Mombasa, Dar salaam, and off to Israel. That same soil is the one they use in desert farming,

At the end Israel produces enough to feed itself in the desert, and then export back food to East Africa and get billions of USA dollars, and then also provide surplus as food aid to Africa .

Africa has everything in terms of natural resources, the problem is that, *we still have poverty mentality which however needs to be removed from our brains. We must develop and begin to learn ideas on how to create wealth from nothing, or from our environment and climate, as well as protecting it on our own as BLACK NATIVE ZIMBABWEANS and Africans in general*

*Let’s beat INNSCOR AFRICA!!✊🏿🇿🇼*

*By: Kenneth Dumbura*


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