Tears of joy as music star Oliver Mtukudzi ‘gate-crashes’ Harare wedding

Oliver Mtukudzi moved a young couple to tears on Saturday after giving a surprise performance at their wedding.

Mtukudzi, celebrating his 66th birthday, decided to “give thanks to those who have supported him over the years” by doing good for someone, his manager Walter Wanyanya explained.

“After driving around Highfield the day before looking for a young couple having a wedding, we finally found one in Waterfalls,” added Wanyanya.

“We asked for permission for Mtukudzi and the Black Spirits to bless the young couple with a free performance as a way for Nzou to celebrate his birthday and also give thanks to those who have supported him for many years. The father of the bride tearfully agreed.

“Ultrabeat provided sound and they were set up early in the morning and ready. We asked bride’s father to keep this a secret and that he did. This is small clip of how it all happened.”

A video of the performance released by Tuku Music showed the superstar getting out of his Range Rover, and receiving his guitar. In the hall, the couple – Sam Nyahunzvi and Mercy Waziya – absolutely had nothing to prepare them for what was about to happen.

Mtukudzi’s Black Spirits band took their positions, and as the first notes to Mtukudzi’s 2011 hit Madiro rang out in the room, the wedding guests cheered – but at that point they must have just thought there was a decent karaoke crew in the building.

And then, using a back-entrance, Mtukudzi emerged with his guitar – and no-one in the room could quite believe their eyes. They could believe their ears alright – the sound was unmistakable.

The bride put her hands to her mouth, the groom lowered his face into his hands, and then held his wife. Tears flowed from both, the joy and honour of the moment too overwhelming.

The couple finally collected themselves, the groom lifting his wife and they were soon enjoying a concert for which they paid nothing.

After playing several songs, Mtukudzi said his goodbyes and left the room. The most secretive man in the room, the bride’s father, followed him outside. As he thanked the superstar for blessing his daughter’s wedding, he also broke down. Such is the power of love and music.

Watch video below


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