Studio 263 actor Jabu issues apology after his video enjoying unprotected sex with sugar mama leaked

Actor Denzel ‘Jabu’ Burutsa has apologised to family and friends following the leaking of his sex tape.

The actor, who featured in the popular soap Studio 263 as Jabu, recorded a sex tape which he featured having unprotected sex with his unidentified old lover.

The video has gone viral with social media users expressing mixed feelings.

However, Denzel yesterday issued an apology on his official Facebook account.

“I would like to thank everyone who has expressed displeasure over and anger towards me for my leaked private content.

“Private affairs should remain that private.

“It is for the reason that I wish to sincerely apologise unreservedly to everyone, family, friends, fans and corporate community, directly or indirectly affected by recent events as a result of my temporary lapse in judgment.

“We learn from our mistakes to be better people and with this incident, I have learnt my lessons.

“Yours truly Denzel Burutsa.”

However, responses on the post showed that people were not happy with his sexual partner.

Below are some of the comments from his followers:

McMillan Chabata: Zvinowanikwa

Jeffrey Chigudu: Whatever it is, sh** happens brother, it takes a real man to admit his wrongs and apologise. Our greatest glory lies not in never falling, but in rising each time we fall, pick up yourself, dust yourself and move on. I honestly don’t know what happened but I feel you brother…….

Rachel Farainashe Matiashe: Haisi nyaya wangu sh** happens

Roy Collen Nyashanu: My guy my guy sh** happens but condomize always!🙄

Skido Nyadzayo Chalmes: Chirungu chekutorana ma video dai vanhu varega.

Emily Tanya Rance: kkkkkkkk haya ndipeiwo video ndione

Skido Nyadzayo Chalmes: Ita hi ku inbox ndikuone. Messenger yangu iri slow

Douglas Dizoni: S**t happens, real man own their mistakes.

Amy Weston: Asante Sana

Roselyn Shuro: Hmmm bamnini kulika kwe video hakuna kuipa but wamaive naye ndongozi pabatisiseyi ipapo panohlisa .Love yourself u are still young to die another thing farirai bepa dikaz hariwurai .

Franchesca D Uzande: Ma1

Sandlene Mugabe: Condomize alwayz….my brother

Vennah Tafadzwa: The sex tape doesn’t even matter at this point ,pawangauri apaite akomana u traumatized us and got us worried usadaro uri munhu wekuziva

Tapfuma Michael Chikutu: Yeah yeah, zve sex tape zvinowanikwa asi munhu wacho wawanga uunaye eish, i believe your level is higher than that…

Everton Mukono: Apology accepted ,Sh** happens ,next time condomise Brother .

We are more worried nepawangauri than zvawakaita

Liana Manisha Gondo: Zvinowanikwa hako iwe

Mangwenya Mai Lebo Winnie: Hey friend sh** happens and life goes on,next time kana wafunga kutora video make sure munhu waunaye akachena kuzasi,that sh** yawaipfuura uchinonyudza is a big turn off,you can do better than that bhururu.

Precious Dube Nyepesai: Zvinowanikwa kudzidza hakuperi

Cheyahumani Liz: Apology accepted bt tichambokuitawo party zvizuva zvikutevera wotoshinga my guy soon it will all be history

Evernice Amuzvare Chibaya: Zvakaoma hazvo denzel

Meg Meg: Zvinowanikwa. Life begins at 40 hanti hamusati maisvitsa henyu.

Agness Mutepa: Zvowanikwa but life goes on Jabu

Clifford Chandipa: Haisi Horror

Macdonald Nyamutekenya: Apology accepted

Ruwarashe Mandikate: dude I defended you I was like nah that ain’t him. Parts of me couldn’t believe it but ya will inbox you

Mangwenya Mai Lebo Winnie: Ini hangu i am worried about that child,hatidaro shamwari,no not never

Magnah Achihera Gwishiri: Hebo

Kosh Mazh: The fact that everyone is concerned shows that u are a good person and everyone loves you we all love u my brother the devil comes in different ways and when the Lord forgives us in all we wrong him who are we not to forgive .the good thing is the lesson learnt and I know u smart to such an extent that u will do what’s right .

Ngoni Ngoni: Inyaya ipi iyi 🤔

Tsuu Afia Machingura: Hapana kana 1 asina zvakambotadza ….. so no need to judge….. just rise up ,dust yourself and move on

Tinashe Kamarizeni: We are more worried nechuru chamaijurujira Gushungo izvo zvowanikwa baba hope ya iri 1st time and kana iri yo mamwa Truvada to avoid infections

Nomzamo Nomue Mufiri: Kkkkk

Tinashe Kamarizeni: Nomzamo Nomue Mufiri uku seka ths is a srs issue haibo

Liz Sibanda: Inotambika bro..We learn from our mistakes..No one is perfect

Muzvare Tee Farie Karemba: Takuregerera

Tobias Mandaza Such is life:

Patience Madzana: pick yourself and go. am sure people expressed anger towards that clip because they love u and the want the best out of you. If they didn’t love u they were going to praise u for that video. it’s good that u accepted that u were wrong. Apology accepted. Mistakes do happen in life

Thomas Chizhanje: Welldone bro.. PICK YOURSELF UP

Rux Rukobo: We all make mistakes in life and we learn from them. Dont be too hard on yourself and try not to listen Ku Social media because vanhu havaregi kutaura.

Bible robva rati he who is without sin may cast the 1st stone!

For now lay low. It shall be well!

Shaz Nyasha Jahwi: Apology accepted bro…life goes on….

Kudzie Muchina: Just condomiser nhaika nxt tym…..nd moburitsa mwana nxt tym..hona manje takutoziva kuti unongoti zvese zvese

Danny Samaita: A true gentleman faces responsibility head-on like you’ve just done. The leaked tape is not a problem but the quality of the person u were with. Action Plan: Do this for yourself, go and get tested. It’s a rude awakening bro. If you get another chance,…See

Olga Ndakazodzwa Termites: Please protect yourself from certain diseases hanzvadzi

Joseph Jayden Tempo: Tough King

Jennifer Tate Tapfuma: Life goes on Hommie.

Gee Wajudza: The damage has already been done. You were supposed to think twice before you act. Know that media does not forget, 20 years later your children are going to see this sh**. You Deeping your Vienna in that sh**. Well I feel sorry for your wife if you have one

Paddington Damascus Kashanje: NDIKANDIREIWO VIDEO YACHO

Dominic Sebata: zvinowanikwa mukurarama

HitsMe-Schatz HitsMalia: Apology accepted but une ma*****de e Simbi shaaa eish zvivindi zvako maone chaiwo. Apa ndovawaimbove crush yangu during madays e studio 263 but when i saw that video ahhh wakandipedza nyota. But rova hako Lula Lula hazvina kuipa wangu shona inoti ” chinhu chese ramba waraira” 👏👏👏 you’re forgiven

Dylan B Zvivada: Jesus once said he wh does not have a log in his eyes raise ur hand. evry1 chilled. munhu wese mtadzi. but scrutinize cuz

Thabiso Sibanda: Okay please consider this in the future when you are gonna record your act. Protect the dignity of your partner at that time . You didn’t get 1/2 the bashing that, that girl got for obvious reasons of cos . Wena as a guy you might wake up.

Dylan B Zvivada: asi week rino danny napatrick zhuwawo makoromora.mavarisa 2019

Lesley Kupahurasa: Ummm but pakaipa Jah mam

Yolanda N Gondo: Wakadhakwa jabu

Sally Gomani Inotambika bt u hv already tarnished your image Jabu u wr an inspiration to many next time do your things in private n make sure u use protection

Angeline Dimingo: My son, we all make mistakes and what is important is for us to make corrections and avoid similar mistakes.It is unfortunate that in our line of work, your private life is not so private. To the person who leaked the video.

Solie Uchena: Ummmm at least condomize amana eishhhh


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