Stanley Goreraza blasts Zimbabweans…

…ED doesn’t suffer, you don’t have jobs and can’t buy underwear

”I find it so weird when Zimbabweans argue on the side of sanctions. Cut your nose to spite your face?” Larry Kwirirai.

I couldn’t agree with you more Larry. It’s like people are supporting their own suffering to frustrate Mnangagwa and Zanupf. They think by starving and suffering they are punishing Zanupf because that is what they are led to believe by selfish and crooked opposition leaders. Kuti jecha ngaridirwe mu sadza rauri kufanira kudya, unozodyei manje?

People like Dewa Mavhinga making a living from the crisis in Zimbabwe. They have travelled all around the world, they are paid in American dollars. If sanctions are dropped and Zimbabwe’s economy normalizes, they will go out of business.

A few years ago Morgan Komichi went around Zimbabwe telling Mdc structures that they should pray for drought so that things get worse in Zimbabwe. The worse things get the better their chances of getting into power. He would tell districts and provinces that they should be thanking God that things are bad in Zimbabwe as this is good for their politics.

Mdc leaders and Dewa Mavhinga don’t have to worry about cooking oil and school fees, they are covered. Sanctions don’t touch them but they turn the heat on the ordinary man. He is the one who has to suffer from depression and stress over economic troubles.

Some people have committed suicide because they could no longer take the pressure. Some abandoned their families and went into hiding because of the pressures. All this and the Dewa Mavhingas and Morgan Komichis think it’s good for business.

If you say making people suffer is evil, you are called Zanupf, by the people who are suffering! It’s paradoxical.

Mnangagwa doesn’t suffer, it is you who suffers. Strike Masiyiwa is not suffering, it is you who are suffering.

Because the support for sanctions is coming from the opposition, some people think yes the sanctions should not be removed. They will sheepishly support anything from the opposition even if it is bad for them.

Mnangagwa has a job and is getting paid. You don’t have a job and can’t buy underwear. It is you who will get a job when industries reopen. Then you can buy underwear and stop living with your mother and father at that age.

If Chamisa comes out and says sanctions are hurting the ordinary man, everyone will come on board and agree. Does it take Chamisa to make you see what is in front of you? Then you are a robot!



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