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Small House On The Run After Stabbing Lover’s Wife & Friend

A Karoi woman is on the run after allegedly stabbing two other women, her lover’s wife and her friend, at Dunga shopping Centre in Chief Kazangarare’s area of Hurungwe District.

The Herald reports that Miriam Gutsa (26) of Masokote Village stabbed Winnet Dambakurima and her friend Chipo Mukwesha, both aged 34, from the same village as they were passing by the shopping centre.

Mashonaland West police spokesperson Inspector Clemence Mabgweazara confirmed the incident.

Inspector Mabgweara told the publication that Gatsi was at the shopping centre when she saw Dambakurima, who was in the company of Mkwesha and confronted her asking why she was spreading rumours about an affair with her husband.

A misunderstanding then ensued and Gatsi allegedly stabbed Dambakurima on the left side of her chest injuring her ribs.  Mukwesha reportedly tried to intervene but was stabbed in the process on her left ear and at the back of her head.

Inspector Mabgweara appealed to the public to anyone with information on the Gutsa’s whereabouts.

”We are appealing to anyone who might have information on where Gatsi is to assist so that the law may take its course, he said. People should also bear in mind that violence does not solve anything. People should rather engage in peaceful dialogue.”


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