Sex-starved woman flies to Canada as husband sends pictures of his manhood to 11 young girlfriends

I’M tired of this sugar daddy!

Irene Ndlovu is tired of her husband Paul Ndlovu’s affinity for young girls. In January this year, Irene found Facebook and WhatsApp love messages between her hubby and numerous young girls. In the messages, Paul was sending pictures of his manhood.

When confronted Paul simply walked out of his marital home only to return after a week with new clothes.

Paul Ndlovu

In an interview with B-Metro, Irene said they haven’t had sex in two years because of the young girls.

“We have been having sexual problems in our marriage, my husband hardly touches, or even look at me with sexual desires anymore, it’s been almost two years since we have had sex and I cannot take it anymore,’’ said Irene in tears.

Even spicing up their love life has failed.

‘’I have tried to find solutions on how to spice up our marriage. I have read magazines and taken some remedies from friends but nothing works, I will never do what he does with his teenage girls because it disgusts me,’’ she added.

Through these social platform messages Irene has so far seen eleven different women who are seemingly in a relationship with her husband.

Paul said his wife has lost her touch, that is why he is cheating.

“My wife has over the years turned herself into a granny, we are still in our thirties but it feels like I am dating a granny,” said Paul.

He’s even urging her to find new love.

‘’I have found a solution, I guess she can do the same,’’ he added.

He emphasised that his sexual partners are above the age of consent.

“They are of age and there is nothing wrong with sleeping with the younger girls,’’ he said.

A close source told this publication that Paul only married Irene for her family wealth which comes from her family which is based in Canada; therefore he is treating her badly because he now has several businesses of his own.

‘‘He only married her as a ticket for his successful businesses he has now. Irene’s family is based in Canada and they have money which her hubby used to start his own businesses, ‘‘said the source.

Irene confirmed this too.

‘‘I hear he calls himself a boss among these young girls with my family’s money, I am tired of being used like a puppet for someone’s pleasure,’’ said Irene.

A close source said Irene has filed for divorce and has flown to her family in Canada for support in her marital crisis.


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