Satewave Technologies brings green city solutions to Zimbabwe

“Technology changes the world”, is the message Satewave Technologies, a renewable energy solutions-based company which operates from the Harare Agricultural show grounds.

The company prides itself for bringing smart city solutions for local
authorities, corporates and individuals.

And their product range explains it all; from solar panels, solar
street lights, inverters, battery and solar geysers, to innovative
appliances for hotels and homes.

Satewave Technologies recently introduced a solar bin, a two-in-one appliance which allows pedestrians to charge their phones while also serving as a bin for rubbish. The solar bins have mobile cellphone chargers, coming in handy for pedestrians who have been forced to endure up to 18 hours of electricity blackouts.

This is part of the company’s green city solutions approach for local authorities.

The company has donated the bin to some local authorities, and
currently Victoria Falls, Harare and Mutare have installed the appliance. By end of year more local authorities will have the solar
bins in their streets.

On the solar panel front, Satewave Technologies has a wide range of panels, which come in different formats. All the panels have between 25-year and 99 year guarantees.

Plan are also afoot to open a solar panel manufacturing plant in
Zimbabwe, a development which will make the solar panels readily
available, cheaper and back-up support just a click away.

The company has polycrystalline silicon panels, building front
panels, roof tile panels and even umbrella solar panels.

Polycrystalline panels are the normal panels found throughout the country, but Satewave Technologiess panels come with a 25-year guarantee. These range in size from 50MW to 500MW sizes, depending on the end-user’s requirements.

Solar panels for buildings, which come as glass solar walls are also
available. Installation of these on a building’s outside walls replaces the need to have granite surfaces or glass cladding, while at the same time providing the much-needed energy.

For buildings – be they corporate or residential – there also solar
roof tiles. These come with a 99-year guarantee and can’t be broken,
like normal cement tiles or asbestos.

So instead of roofing one’s house with cement tiles or asbestos sheeting, one can buy solar panel roofing, whose added advantage is the provision of energy.

For schools, hotels mining companies, Satewave have industrial geysers with a capacity of 5 000 litres, and these can provide hot water at any given time.

The solar water geysers can heat water up to 90 – 95 degrees.
For agricultural use, there are solar water pumps which can fill
containers of up to 5000 to 10 000 litres, and one only needs two
panels of 250 MW to achieve this.

A new innovation Satewave is introducing in the country is a smart check-in for hotels. Instead of guests queing at a hotel reception to check-in, they are able to do this in the check-in machine.

This reduces costs for hotels and cuts the time for guests to quickly
access their rooms and rest.

One of the most important things that guests value is the time they
take to check-in into their hotel rooms, and this is one aspect which can make or break a hotel.

Satewave is also introducing a smart solution for hotel rooms by which hotel guests can access utilities like lights, music, air-conditioning, curtains, TV etc using one gadget. To date, these have installed these at Regent Hotel, Fairmile Hotel in Gweru, Holiday Inn and Rainbow Towers.

There company also have smart water meters which are used to control the supply of water. These are essentially for home use, and can be accessed from one’s phone.

An interesting innovation is the solar umbrella, which can be used by tourists in the wild instead of seeking the use of batteries. A
demonstration unit was up at the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority stand at the Agricultural Show.

For home safety, Satewave have the solar the smarter lock, where one can use a pin or finger to open doors.

This is a new innovation for Zimbabwe, and has garnered a lot of interest in the country as break-ins and burglary are on the increase.
Also for the home are solar light kits, which charge lights and
batteries. An interesting innovation is also an off-grid solar
inverter and batteries.

Satewave Technologies for now is only operating in Harare, but will open branches in other parts of the country soon.

“Let’s go green”, is Satewave Technologies clarion call!


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