SA’s resurrection prophet in another staged prophecy

Popular South Africa based Alleluia Ministries pastor Alph Lukau, who claimed in February to have resurrected a man in a coffin has struck again. Lukau has been caught out in another staged prophecy at his church Alleluia Ministries.

This time the controversial clergyman falsely used Bulawayo born Tawanda Zinyemba, who claimed he was a Zimbabwean soldier for seven years in the DRC where he killed and raped countless innocent people. He claimed he could not sleep because the spirits of the dead where haunting him so he had come to Lukau’s church for deliverance.

In a video that Lukau posted on YouTube about two months ago, the pastor is heard asking Zinyemba if they had met before and the Zimbabwean says no.

The pastor claims that a spirit is showing him that Zinyemba was a Zimbabwean soldier who killed and raped innocents in the DRC and the spirits of those he killed were giving him no rest.

Zinyemba grew up in Gwabalanda suburb and relatives and friends have expressed outrage at the fake prophecy.

“He was a close friend and the truth is that he was never a soldier in the DRC or anywhere. He was once a prison guard in Mutare. The time he claims to have been in the DRC 1996-2003 was the time when we were still in school at Inyanda Secondary school. I don’t think he has ever been to the DRC in his life,” said Mandla Tshuma.

Earlier this year, in a video that went viral on social media, Lukau claimed to ‘resurrect’ a man, Thabiso Proud Mlanje who was popularly known as Brighton Elliot Moyo from the dead.

In the video, a Kings and Queens Real Funerals hearse can be seen transporting a coffin into the church where Lukau and congregants pray. The man (Thabiso Proud Mlanje aka Brighton Elliot Moyo) then rises from the coffin, breathing heavily in what is apparently staged to be a miraculous resurrection.

Lukau later backtracked on the claim, saying the Elliot was actually alive before he performed the resurrection. The church claimed that the mortuary vehicle was brought to the church by the family.


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