SA-born Belle Delphine makes R20 million per month selling used bathwater and erotic photos

South African born British model Belle Delphine, real name Mary-Belle Kirschner is a making a fortune selling her own bathwater and erotic photos online.

The model is not counting revenues north of £1 million (the equivalent of around R20 million) per month according to The Telegraph thanks to her online accounts on subscription-based portals.

Belle moved from South Africa at the age of 12 with her mother to settle in the UK, leaving her father behind. She has not returned back to South Africa a decade on.

Belle Delphine shot to fame by posting erotic pictures of herself and reached the peak of her controversial career when she started selling her used bathwater. She took a year off after her venture was hugely criticised by her fans and critics, some who even located her residence and harassed her.

She says she is back on the internet and told The Telegraph that she and her photographer boyfriend made an estimated fortune of R200 million some of which she intends to buy a house in the future.

belle Delphine bath water
Belle Delphine packing her bathwater

Belle Delphine says she is interested in doing hardcore pornography in the future, but in the meantime she will be focused on her current hustle, staying online every time of the day and serving her thousands of subscribers with pictures and videos. She says her erotic modelling style is not dissimilar from what her mother used to do when she was young.

Having been born in Cape Town in 1999, as Mary-Belle Kirschner, she called her South Africa based father ‘a huge arsehole’ and she has no intention of returning to Mzansi anytime soon as she doesn’t want to bring back the good childhood memories that seemed like a perfect life to her.

“I think it is maybe destroying this idea of what I created that was my childhood because I cherish my childhood, it’s like a perfect little chapter of my life, and I don’t want to go back and see it, and be like, ‘oh this isn’t how I remembered it’, she said.

She also dislikes the forbidding nature of South Africans.

“I think anyone who has an upbringing, or even South African parents, kinda know that there’s a sternness with South African people that is, I’ve never experienced it in the UK, but when I was growing up in South Africa and I’d go around my friends’ houses, I’d realise that there was definitely different personality traits there, that’s so stern, and he was always very, you know, no jokes, so serious,” she told the H3 Podcast.

Delphine now lives under surveillance in the UK to protect herself from harassment.


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