By Thomas Faranando

National AIDS Council of Zimbabwe (Sanyati District) has lined up a number of  cancer awareness programmes for the month of October.

As part of he programme, this Saturday all roads lead to Rimuka Ground Number 4 in Kadoma for World Cancer Day commemorations.  The District Aids Action Committee and stakeholders will be raising cancer awareness on the day.

In an interview, Lina Madafi from Population Services International (PSI) said the event will start in the morning and  stretch to sunset as a way of ensuring that enough awareness has reached the public.

“Other activities include free HIV testing, breast and cervical cancer screening, free family planning service, environment health awareness and many other health services will be provided where members of the public are encouraged to attend as well as get screened,” she said.

Madafi said PSI, YMCA, National Environment Awareness Trust, FACT, Kadoma City Health and various other organizations will grace the Saturday event.

The 2019 Cancer Day theme is: ‘I am and I will’.

“This theme encourages the people to ‘find’ out more about breast cancer so as to counteract the current widespread cancer myths and misconceptions and cancer stigma and discrimination,” she said.

“It encourages all of us (cancer clients and those without cancer) to ‘fight’ breast cancer with all our (united) efforts and the available possible options.

“It is only through our (united) efforts that we will be able to ‘win the battle’ against  cancer in Sanyati district as well as Zimbabwe at large.”

Madati said the theme also encourages those diagnosed of cancer to keep on fighting and not lose hope despite the current challenges being experienced in the access and affordability of cancer management services in the country. She said that the colour ‘pink’ symbolises breast cancer only and not a colour for cancer.

“Let’s paint the city of Kadoma ‘pink’ on 19 October at Ground No.4 in Rimuka. For the majority of people who think the month of October is a ‘cancer month’ and pink colour is the colour for cancer, this is untrue.

“The month of October is a breast cancer month and the pink colour is the colour for breast cancer only,” she added.


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