Residents Association calls on council to address water problems in the city

The Kadoma Progressive Residents Association has called on council to address the perennial water shortages affecting the city, saying failure to do will lead to the spread of diseases.

Chairman of the Association, Mr Murambiwa said water issues were significantly affecting Kadoma city.

“There is a threat of waterborne diseases, such as cholera  and dysentery,” Murambiwa said. “Kadoma was once hard  hit by a cholera epidemic, which claimed lives, a situation which could have been avoided and which should not be allowed to repeat itself.”

Murambiwa said as an Association they were concerned about the dilapidated nature of the water reticulation systems in Kadoma, which he said was antiquated.

“Since independence no  development towards the rehabilitation of the water works have been done. Several sections of Kadoma have had no water for the past four to five years, while other sections have gone for as much as 22 years with no running water,” he said.

“Water is life. The human body is largely composed of water and the human collective requires it to drink, cook, bath, to do laundry and other  key domestic chores.”

Also of concern to the Association was the fact that sewerage flows exist in Kadoma, for instance Murandu Road, and other areas in Rimuka and also   Ingezi.

“While the sewerage flows are there for all to see, it appears the local authority is not bothered by this,” he said.

“We are urging residents to own up in terms of paying rates and for council to rehabilitate water and sewage systems. The time is ripe to do what is right,” Murambiwa said.

Minister of State for Mashonaland West Provincial Affairs Mary Mliswa-Chikoka recently challenged the council to restore Kadoma to its past glory.

“If the truth is to be told, Kadoma has deteriorated, it is no longer that ‘city’. People are actually surprised that it is a city,” she said. “When people lobbied for a city status, it was because they saw wealth in the area. It is time to dig deep and start to relook at Kadoma with fresh eyes.”

Minister Mliswa-Chikoka challenged authorities to look for ways to ensure the city retained its status.

“Chinhoyi is definitely better than Kadoma now and all the little cities which are coming up, yet you are the only city in the whole province,” she said.

Singling out Rimuka, Minister Mliswa-Chikoka said:  “It used to be a marvel, but now it is something else. One is now actually afraid to visit the area because he or she will end up trampling on sewage. Sort it out. Councillors you have a big task to sort out the mess, let us put politics aside and develop Kadoma.”


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