RBZ Governor dismisses Zimbabwe dollar return reports

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has expressed disgust over social media reports that it was reintroducing local currency, describing it as false.

RBZ Governor John Mangudya said the RBZ wishes to advise members of the public that an article circulated on social media regarding the reintroduction of the Zimbabwe dollar is false and malicious.

“The RBZ dismisses the false article on the reintroduction of the local currency with the contempt it deserves.. Members of the public should ignore the social media article which has apparently been created and circulated by people who seem bent on manipulating parallel market rates for personal gain at the expense of the unsuspecting members of the public,” he said.

“The article is also calculated to cause unnecessary anxiety, panic, alarm and despondency within the national economy. The country will continue using the multi-currency system in line with government policy and the bank shall continue to procure cash in foreign currency to support the multicurrency system.”


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